Which DMM?


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id really like to add a memory man to my board.....but I am confused as to which to get.



The Big Box model is a lot of fun. I've owned 2 of them myself. One with 3008s and my current one has 3005s. Absolutely love it! There is just something magical about the big box dmm. If you like mojo and don't care about tap tempo get a 90s DMM. You can snag them for between $200 and $300 if you shop smart. If you need tap tempo go with a DMM TT1100. The new 3005 chips are pretty darn good and you will get a bunch of great features!


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Many will tell you the current best is DMMTT1100.
Perfect if you want clear repeats and tap tempo.
DMMTT550 will get less interest, but is similar with half delay time.

If you don't care about tap tempo, current DMM XO with 4xMN3008 is good.
It still has clear repeats and you can get them at reasonable prices.

Big Box from 90's and beginning 2000's are favorites for most of us.
They look nice (but less robust than current DMMs) and may sound warmer (current DMMs are brighter and tighter).
But among everything, the modulation of those old boxes is far better.

Xvive Memory is a good alternative at cheap price.
Quicker decay than DMMs, but its modulation is one of the best I've ever experienced.


90's Big box is for me the best for sounds but has drawbacks because of short delay time, special power requirements, giant footprint etc....That said I'll never get rid of mine ;)


I have to go with the late 90's early 2000s big box. I believe mine is a 2001. It was the first one I bought and it is the one all the others I've owned have failed to compare to.

70s big box - mod was fantastic, but didn't have the bounce and snap of the 2001

Original 1100TT- very cool delay with a great feature set, but IMO doesn't even touch the big box mojo

Reissue 1100TT - same as original 1100TT

DMMXO analogman modded- closest to the 2001 big box by far, but still was just missing the extra magic. Seemed liked the repeats didn't decay quite the same and didn't have the full wall of sound. Just stayed a little too bright for too long. This one seems to be built the best so if you are gigging regularly this is probably your best bet just for space and dependability reasons.

TLDR I've tried a few

2001 big box - best all around for sure

DMMXO analogman modded- best for gigging because of space and reliability

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