which dual drives and why?


JHS Sweet Tea. Great medium to high gain pedal. Used the Jekyll and Hyde about 3 years and loved it. When I went to the guitar store to try a couple of different pedals out... This one took the cake. A little more expensive than some other dual drives but I've been very pleased with how it's suited my rig.
Look into the Jetters; Red Square, Jetdrive, Gold Standard…

All three are very versatile, and the Red and Gold both have three different voices. I have the Red Square, and one of my favorite features is the ability to change the order of the two pedals so you can either put the Helium boost before the Red side or after. The Helium is also an excellent “edge of breakup/over the edge” pedal not to mention the Red side gives you Dumble and Marshall tones.

However like someone else said, you can’t split the pedal in your chain. You of course have to have those two pedals right next to each other. I haven’t found this to be a problem, but when I bought a KoT I really considered buying the 4-jack option for that exact purpose; putting the OD FIRST in the chain and the boost LAST in the chain.


Jetter Gold or red Square are great pedals, I have the Gold, and one side is a nice boost that can create a nice OD also or Clean, other side Has more gain, and you can stacked them....


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Fetto Nord, FTW.
High gain, mid gain, low gain, independent-boost-that-makes-everything-better, switchable order, all that. (imho, yadda yadda).
Single enclosure size too, regular low-draw 9VDC.

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