Which Guitar Are You Still In Possession of That You Regret Buying?


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There really is only one guitar I regretted buying, and that was a late 80’s strat that just never lived up to the hype that came with it when it was sold to me. It was probably a fine guitar, but I don’t get along too well with strats and should have passed on it. I don’t have that guitar anymore, and took a nice loss when I sold it.

I can’t think of any other guitars I really regret owning. Some didn’t work out in the long run but that’s ok. Everything I own now is a purchase I feel good about.
Maton Southern Star. It is from a series Maton made for a particular store (not the old Southern Star from the 1970s which are completely different). Specs wise it's basically the Messiah with a different name. Technically I didn't buy it, it was a 21st gift from my parents. That's the only reason I still have it, and the only reason I won't sell it.

It's not a terrible guitar by any means, but for what it cost there are many better options. This one is from the 1990s when Maton were using a lot of poly finishes even on top end models like this one. I'm not a freak for nitro on electrics, but on acoustic sound boards the finish really matters. And that AP5 pickup doesn't sound bad, but destroys so much of the structural integrity of the bridge and the unplugged acoustic sound. In the future I will always avoid these Maton and Takamine style pickups. So much damage, and then adding weight to the bridge - it all goes directly against the physics of how acoustics work. I liken it to building a car with a really bad suspension design and fixing it by installing electronic stability control.

I do like it and I play it a lot, but I've played plenty of acoustics I've liked just as much which have less than 1/4 the price tag.

And just a side note of personal taste, I'm yet to hear an acoustic made from blackwood that I really love.
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I tend to get rid of stuff that I regret buying pretty quickly. I'm generally happy with everything I have now. Only thing I'm gassing for is a Junior. Only guitar I'd say is on the bubble is Dano 12-string, and that would only be if I decided to jump up to a Ric.

I definitely have a few guitars I've sold and wish I had back, though!


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I have a first-year goldtop 2010 Gibson Studio Tribute 50s Les Paul. I never bonded with it, barely put any time on it, and now it's in the closet waiting to be sold. There's nothing wrong with it, I just got caught up in the fever for those guitars at the time (they were selling like gangbusters) and I bought it without really considering whether it was truly right for me. It'll be right for someone else someday.


2019 American Elite Strat in Satin Jade Pearl. Cannot bond with it because it feels and sounds not to my liking. The S-1 electronics make me more switching and trying out than actually playing it. I'll trade it in for a Daybreak Strat and a Squier 60's Classic Vibe Strat combo this week.


my Hohner Prinz tele
i love it. it looks great, the pancake body is different.

but man have i sunk costs on it.
pickups, hardware, new neck. its a great axe but i kinda wish i hadn't bought it and spent so much on it. it's spanky and bright and sounds great playing funk and clean stuff.. but i don't much play that sort of stuff...


At the moment all of them except my Bich ST. Its not a crazy high end guitar or anything but I only last about 20 minutes on any other guitar before I go back to that one. Have just really clicked with it.


Probably my FSR Black Paisley Telecaster. I bought it new in 2012. It's heavy, and dead sounding, and over the years, the finish has cracked badly, despite being in the same room next to all of my other guitars that have no such damage.

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