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Which guitar for me?


I have three guitars

AV57RI Strat Thinskin
AV52RI Tele Thinskin and
Gibson '61 RI SG

All of them are too precious for me to be taking out of the house on a regular basis for fear of theft or damage. So I was thinking its time to get a cheaper electric that I can take to band practices, campings, picnics and other rough handlings without haveing to worry too much about the guitar. My budget is for anything under 800 USD.

I am a big fan of vintage guitars and was thinking for that price to get either the Fender MIM Esquire (Since I love a Tele already) or a Gibson LP junior (Since I dont have a P90 axe yet). But for its simplicity and sturdiness I'm bent more towards the Esquire as a a regular "take it outta the house guitar." Any advice on what I should get or any other recommendations? Thanks a lot.

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I'm thinking Baja Telecaster.

It looks retro, but gives you modern tone options. The chunky yet comfy 9.5 " radius neck and medium jumbo frets c/w pickup switching options would appeal to Fender player and Les Paul players alike.

It certainly worked for me - take one for a test drive if you get a chance.


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I would get a CIJ Tele or Strat before a MIM. Great guitars.

I'm borderline obsessive compulsive about my guitars, but I still think you should take your stuff out into the world to be played.


Just use the ones you have.......

People pay ridiculous amounts of money to buy fender "relics " right ??

Think about why for a minute and then go enjoy your very nice collection of guitars....

They are meant to be played and enjoyed man ! And after a while they look and sound even better after they're broken in a bit !

The Whiz

I just bought a MIM Esquire on a whim. I couldn't help it. The neck was a thing of beauty and the resonance is amazing. It was 499 (marked down because there's a large gauge on the back) and it felt quite a bit better, lighter and more resonant than another mint one the shop had (which was selling for 750). The mint one was pretty nice too.

Love this guitar. Try out some MIM Esquires and see if one floats your boat.


Since you have an affinity for the AV reissues - why not try one of the MIM Classic 50's or 60's Strats / Teles? I hear good things about them and they would come in under your price point...

Or how about a used G&L? They are also very good values / and easily replaced if some nasty fate should befall them.


Don't buy any, get some playing time out of those great guitars you already have. Guitars are meant to be played.

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