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2020 Epiphone Les Paul Special TV Yellow

It is difficult to impress upon people who are attached to brand names and price ranges how amazing the $400 (brand new) 2020 Epiphone "inspired by Gibson" Les Paul Special TV Yellow guitar is. I am a broken record on this forum about it and a preaching zealot. I thought I would "upgrade" it with lollars but they came out the same day because the stock pickups are amazing. I thought I would upgrade to a "real" american made Gibson Les Paul Special ($1400) and it got returned the same day too as it was nowhere close to as good as the Epiphone in terms of sound, feel, or quality.

This Epiphone has the best sound of any guitar I have played and I have compared it to some very high end guitars. It is incredibly versatile by adjusting the volume and tone on the two pickups. The neck pickup is at once FAT, thick, full, as well as clear and articulate. It has the best of everything, great lows, rich mids, inspiring airy-woody highs. The Bridge pickup can breath fire with bite and cut-through-the-mix mid content, and with dirt it can scream. The combined neck and bridge pickup position sounds phenomenal, especially clean and adjusting the volumes of the two pickups can go from a nearly acoustic (fuller than piezo) tone to a nearly strat quack, to a balanced full spectrum rhythm tone. Yes, the only downside to p90s is that they can be a little noisy but when playing with a band you do not notice. I can get any tone I want from this guitar with nothing wanting as it is extraordinarily versatile. I even preferred recording with this instead of my amazing strat even though the strat is quieter, the ephiphone is much fuller and richer. There is so much harmonic content, dynamics, touch sensitivity, openness, clarity, fullness, and rich tone in this guitar! I compared it to a collection of high end Gibson guitars recently as well as boutique guitars and I prefer this $400 Epiphone every time. Also, acoustically this guitar has so much resonance and sustain, it is inspiring to play even unplugged. One note to anyone that might be trying this guitar is that it ships with the worst strings ever so do not judge it until you put on a proper set of strings.

My favorite thing about the feel of this guitar is the fat '50s style neck profile. I have small hands and suffer from chronic tendonitis and tennis elbow and nerve damage from a spine injury (with carpal tunnel in the past as well as developing arthritis) and I have found that a fat profile neck provides a much more comfortable playing for me even with small hands. I cannot do thin necks anymore as my hands cramp up almost immediately. This one is incredibly comfortable. It might take some getting used to for some people but now I cant go back. I was worried about the wraptail bridge as intonation is very important to me but I was able to set it up myself very easily and quickly with very good intonation and the action is very easy to set. As someone who does not use a pick and does finger picking (not bluegrass - think Jeff Beck but not nearly as talented), having the space between the pickups and some space between the strings and the body feels really great to my right hand. The guitar is not light weight but I believe that contributes to the great tone and with a 4" wide strap I can make it comfortable. It is not nearly as heavy as my friends' Les Paul guitars nor as heavy as my 1979 strat so it is probably medium weight. The upper fret access is not the best but I can totally make it work and it is worth it to me.

I am tempted to buy a second one to have as a backup. It is that great. My other guitars are jealous



You're SMART because out of the clear blue the "insulted" guitars will suddenly develop twisted necks and broken strings. Best to make them all feel equally loved ;) ;)
George, KUDOS to you for luvin your Epi. If you read my intro to this thread you know I am more of a collector than a player and besides all the high end guitars in my stable I have three (3) Epis and 2 of which are 100% keepers. The Original 1989 Epi GENESIS (not the reissue), and my Epi Joe Pass SWINGSTER with Filtron pups and Bigsby. My 3rd is the Korean made Epi LP Studio. I like it but would sell or trade if the right deal came along. Anyway VERY COOL that you're not hung up on name brands !! There are definitely some Bargain Gems out there.


I have a 2019 Tom Anderson Classic Shorty HSS Tier 3 aged, finished in nitro. It’s a light weight swamp ash body and roasted maple neck. Best guitar I’ve ever owned or played.
It literally is therapy for me. Sometimes if I’m having an off-day, it makes me forget stuff after playing it. I absolutely love it.


My dog howls when I plug in. She doesn't seem to mind the acoustic though. I wish I could teach her to howl in tune.
You might want to try a) Pink Floyd's Dogs and b) The Beach Boy's Caroline No.

My late Pugs went absolutely wild on those songs.


That'd be the one on the far right, followed closely by the WD-40 can. Made from an Ibanez neck-through, there's never been a gig I've played where people didn't come up to me and ask questions about it and take pics. It's a great-sounding and great-playing axe (mainly thanks to Ibanez) and the Roland synth setup is the icing on the cake.

Frank Lee

Like you, an Epi Emperor is my favorite, too, but my favorite is a Korean early 90s Emperor Regent with a Lollar Jimmy Smith floating mini-HB. For cleanish rhythm guitar, indie-rock-jazz-blues, anything but funk-disco and shoegaze, few things beat it.

My second favorite, which might tie with the Epi for number one, is a heavily modified reissue Fender Starcaster with Martin Smith slug-magnet WRHBs, a LesTrem and a few other things.

My third favorite is yet a mystery. I have a Jazzmaster with a standard 60s-reissue JM pickup in the neck and a P90 in the bridge as well as a Strat with three SP90s, where I can switch to neck and bridge in series or parallel on both. One of the two might be my number three, but I can’t say which one for sure. It’s probably the JM, though. I like the way it’s modded, with the R-circuit set to go straight to both pickups in series, with the roller pots controlling volume on each pickup.

Number three is likely to be a new guitar that doesn’t exist, though. I want a Jazzmaster or Starcaster with a WRHB in the neck and a P90 (or maybe WRHB-size PAF-style HB) in the bridge, where I can select both in series or parallel, similar to what I can do now with the modded JM that I have, but I’m not sure how I’d incorporate the added controls into a Starcaster.


Ol' CuRmUGeOn
Ever since I acquired it from another TGP'r, my black limba Thorn Artisan Standard, has been my #1 of all my lp types.
Tone for days, will be the last one to go.

Other number one, in an F type, is an incredible Lentz custom strat, from Scott's stash, a special ash, that he'd been saving for over 25 years. Super light and resonant!


This happy mistake I built 8 years ago. I messed up on the finish. And then dung the hell out of it on the back. Built it with spare parts and ended up being my everyday beater. Sounds huge. Maple top/Walnut back, maple neck/rosewood board, Old seventies Dimarzio Super Distortion with a magnet change to an A5. One day I may clean her up but I am happy as it is. I have prettier and great playing guitars but this one is my everyday. Something about it.

My Main Beater Guitar.


Stonebridge/Furch OM32sm

If I had to, I would move all my electrics, amps and pedals, but this guitar is not going anywhere.

If I had to pick a #2, it would be this limited run Takamine Santa Fe

They are just well balanced, great sounding, perfect set up and fit just right. I've had them over a decade, the Tak since it came out and I honestly don't remember how long ago that was, maybe even 20 years? The sound has opened up beautifully.


My favorite guitar to this day is still my first guitar, a 2006 Squier Affinity Series Strat, that I've modded a bit and painted with the metallic Azure Blue paint from the McLaren MP4-12C (which seems to change color depending on lighting).

It's the guitar that feels the most comfortable to me, fits my body like an old pair of sneakers, and I love everything about it.



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PERHAPS you should not be such a Snob. There are over 6 pages of replies from fellow guitarist proudly showing off their guitar. Be Nice, it doesn't cost anything :confused:
Perhaps you shouldn't be a newbie with an attitude. You need a pretty thick skin to survive here.

And by the way, ;) means I was trying to be nice about it.

And you don't need to capitalize your thread titles like you're shouting at all of us.
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Tie between my 88 Rickenbacker 610 and my Parker PF60 of god alone knows what year.
Like you I seem to have a collection, to include Rickenbacker 620's in 6 and 12 and an actual pre-refined Parker Fly, as well as the usual suspects Fender Strats/Tele's, Gibson Les Pauls , PRS's, even have a 74 Ibanez Les Paul aka the guitar that started The Lawsuit...
But those two not quite the "boutique" models are who I return...
FTW EVERYONE that has ever played that 610 has it instantly become their faviroite guitar ever. (Think I read somewhere how it was the model that John Hall, the Co owner's, favorite model out of all the ones they had made since the originated the electric guitar back in the 20s or 30's? Why it was discontinued had to be bean counters looking at it vs the better known 620...)
Can't get a decent picture of either atm, but google will have them. The Ricky is BluGlow and the Parker is white


I'm more of a collector than player and I buy, sell, and trade guitars & amps at least a half dozen times a year since 2005. It's a hobby for me and shopping for treasures is the best part. I find it very relaxing. With that said you can imagine that I've owned and played MANY guitars. Some vintage beauties like Supro, Kay and Silvertone all the way up to the latest Gibsons, Fenders, Reverend, and PRS, etc. My favorite that I easily place in the top 3 is my Epiphone Joe Pass "SWINGSTER" model in a trans wine finish. I am not a "Rockabilly" fanatic which is what this guitar is designed for (ala Stray Cats) but it seems to be my go-to guitar and one I won't sell... What are the other 2 of my top 3 you ask?? 2007 limited edition Gibson Les Paul, and my Reverend Club King with RT pups. SHARE YOUR FAVORITE and post a picture if you have one.
Favorite guitar? '68 Gibson Les Paul Custom reissue.

Why? The sustain just listen to it! You can go have a bite, you'll still be hearing that one!