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Which Kit? Building My First Amp!


I think I am going with a 5F1 Champ circuit. Is the 5e1 any different in terms of sound or level of difficulty in building? Based on my research, I think I am going to go with either Marsh or Weber. Who has the best instructions?

The Guytronix .5 watt amp has sparked my interest as well with a ton of support with pics. Any thoughts on that as well?

Lastly, do I need a multimeter that can measure 20 amps or is a max of 10 fine?


RL in Fla

Lastly, do I need a multimeter that can measure 20 amps or is a max of 10 fine?
10A is plenty for amp work . Look for one rated to 600 volts , that's the key .

Inexpensive digitals are fine for home use .
Spend your initial money instead on a good solder iron & a good pair of diagonal flush cutting pliers .

Richard Guy

Whatever meter you decide to get (600 volt DC capability as mentioned above), please get one with rugged meter leads. That is an indicator in the right direction of a quality instrument. The rugged leads are your insulation from getting zapped ! ;^)


Also, when looking at meters, find one that measures milliamps. (AKA mA). One that measures just amps (AKA 10A or 20A) won't be sensitive enough. Try and find one that is a decent name brand.

Another soldering station you might want to looking into is the Elenco SL-5. Great unit, around $30, and made in the USA. In my opinion it is much better than the equivalent Weller or Hakko.

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