Which Les Paul Standard in last three years?


I want a recent model Les Paul Standard made in the last three years. There seem to be a lot of choices. Does MinTune really work or should I go for one without?

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I think min-e-tune will end up being a liability. There are still some 2013s out there at closeout prices-Sweetwater has some nice Trans Ambers. I played a 2014 Standard with min-e-tune last week and I wouldn't buy a guitar with hat feature based on my experience.
I think if you buy used I would look to 2011 or 2013 models to avoid the possibility of the laminated fingerboard on the 2012s. 2012 will go down in history as one of Gibson's worst PR years ever and there is no compelling reason to buy a 2012 if you can find an alternative or if you find one that jumps out at you as being "the one".

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You can remove the mini tune and install regular tuners if you don't bond and sell it easily. FWiW, I want one :dude

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