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Which Loop Kit Would You Buy?


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The ironsounds kit is SS...the vibroworld kit is tube...and I'm not sure what the Lee Jackson kit is. Do you have a spare unused preamp tube? If not then it would be much easier and less invasive to use the ironsounds kit or possibly the LJ kit if it is SS.

What amp is it going in? That might make a big difference in what loop I would choose (or if I would put a loop in at all).

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I'm looking to put one in the blackheart 15-watter when it becomes available. Kinda doing some pre-production research.

What I may end up doing is housing whatever kit I decide on in a box I could use with a coupla different amps. Course that still means installing in/out points on the amp itself, but it'd be less invasive that way.

Thanks for the input so far.


I'd avoid solid-state effects loops in tube amps. This has nothing to do with tube purism or tone, but simply because a well designed tube-buffered loop can handle significantly larger input voltages without clipping. Just the kind of environment you tend to find in a tube preamp.

Can't speak to the merits of the individual designs without a schematic though. I've seen anything from terrible to great in terms of headroom, flat frequency response, stability when driving ugly loads, etc.


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Running the FX loop in an outboard box is going to be more prone to noise due to longer cables being used.......It's tricky busines finding an FX loop that will work well with any given amp...I've done my share of having different ones installed in some of my older amps, and none of them were all that great....IMHO, If an FX loop is important to you....which it is for me as well, buy an amp with a good loop already in it as part of the amp design.....These are amps that I know have great loops..Aiken, Budda, Genz Benz, Two Rock, Fuchs, Pritchard, Cornford, Heritage, Boogie, some Fenders, some Marshalls

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