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Which Marshall amp clone?


Considering buying a Marshall clone from Ceriatone. They are affordable and I have found Nik to be great to deal with. At the moment I have a Luker Chameleon 20 watt which is probably more Fender like than anything else and a Ceriatone OTS mini (Dumble style). I may be selling another item that will give some cash and would like to put it back into guitar stuff. Most of my guitars are Gibsons with humbuckers (ES Les Paul, ES 339, ES 349 and ES 345). I do have one Strat. Which do you like best and would be somewhat different than what I have?


I would go to ValveStorm, and get a JTM45 Kit/Head Cab/Transformers Incl, and have someone put it together.

You can get the best parts money can buy for $1200-$1300. Incl original Mustard caps. If you don't want those get the SOZO. The NOS Mustards are around $75 more.

But I would hands down get some kind of ValveStorm kit, if I wanted a Marshall. Valvetorm are arguably the best kits available for a Marshall build. They also make several other kits.

They also have build checklists.

Are you new to ValveStorm? Use the links above! If you know what sort of amp you want build, click on Build Checklists... or click on Products to browse our inventory...

Build Checklists

Parts you need to build a variety of amp kits.
50 Watt
1969 100 Watt
2204 50 Watt
2203 100 Watt
12xxx Series


Depends what your into musically, you cant go wrong with a 2203 or a SuperLead (1959) with a Post Phase Master volume, Those two amps are the sound of ROCK. On the cheap side Valve Storm I believe offers building for additional fees, RocKitt Retro is very affordable and well built for the 68 era Plexi both 50 and 100 watts, Ceriatone I understand is affordable as well, but many insist on buying them without transformers and choke and buying upgraded products from here in the states like Marstran and Merren. There's plenty to research but first understand what your after, then scour for demos.


Rockitts are fantastic. But Why not just go with a real 2203? You can get a killer sounding early 80s vertical hole head for less than a $1000. If you can swing for a good attenuateor (power station, suit reactive load) then I'd skip the PPIMV.


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If you can swing for a good attenuateor (power station, suit reactive load)
The Suhr Reactive Load is not an attenuator. It's purely a load with a line out for recording and/or slaving and will be useless alone in this application.

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