Which musician is touring at an old age, and doing a great job?


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Dylan is still pulling off really big tour schedules into his 80s - not quite BB King levels of shows but still pretty impressive in terms of how many shows he's putting in at that age.


Helps when you play 60 minute sets on weekends since 1990.
This is my point precisely. Ive seen them in all various settings. Opening for other bands, & headlining in clubs, theaters, county fairs; even smaller Biker rally's, & parking lots. Have Guitar will travel is their motto. If anyone disrespects Cheap Trick's work ethic one iota they are delusional.


Saw Robert Plant on his last tour in 2019 and it was possibly the greatest show I've ever seen. I have a lot of admiration for the way he's been going his own way and not just trying to relive the Zeppelin glory days and roll out the hits. His newer solo albums are some of the most interesting music he's ever made, and his show had a nice balance of solo work and Zeppelin. And the Zep tunes he played were by and large non-obvious choices and thoroughly reimagined (he turned Misty Mountain Hop into bluegrass and it was amazing). Going to see him with Allison Kraus in September and I'm so excited.
And this


Johnny V.

Saw Nick Lowe with Los Straitjackets a couple of weeks ago and it was a great show. No, he's not rocking out quite like he did in the '70's, but at 73 he's still got swagger. The audience sure looked old though (and I'm 70)!


The fact that Tommy Aldridge is drumming with Whitesnake on tour now, and he turns 72 in August is amazing.

(I did see an article today about Tommy's health.)

Glenn Hughes is still sounding great at 70 is amazing.

While Jagger & Richards are even older, I think their tasks are less demanding than the 2 that I mentioned.

Who are your picks?
interesting about Tommy. I used to see him play with Strawbridge in the 70s in Mississippi.


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I saw Chris Isaak and Lyle Lovett last night. Both totally brought it. Really good sets from both performers. Yesterday was Isaak's 65th birthday. I think Lovett turn 65 in September. FWIW...
Peter Gabriel. Guy hasn’t lost a step. All songs still in the original key at 78 y/o I believe.

He managed to find/assemble an orchestra that have the energy of an early punk band. The New Blood Orchestra.

NOT your typical pretentious singer with an orchestra slapped on top…

Check this out from the beautiful ancient amphitheater in Verona, Italy. If you want to see a masterclass on vocals AND microphone technique, check the video out.

If you disagree after watching it, I’ll let you punch me in the arm…..

Peter Gabriel And The New Blood Orchestra Live In Verona
He's 72, but your point stands. He's long been one of my favorite artists. I return to "Melt," So, and Us the most. According to Manu Katche, PG has just about wrapped up a new album, his first in 20 years.


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Surprised no one has mentioned Dead & Co yet. Bob Weir is 74, Mickey Hart is 78 and Billy Kreutzmann is 76.

Bobby routinely posts videos of his workout regimen. He’s clearly serious about maintaining his ability to tour for as long as possible. On the other hand, Billy has had to bow out of some shows both last year and on the current tour due to physical ailments.


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Just a video of Jagger sprinting down the stage/runway. Songs still in original keys. He may have never been a great singer, but he still does what he does well.

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