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Which Neo speaker, Lil' Texas or Tonkerlite?


Silver Supporting Member
I'm trying to decide which Neo speaker to get in my Redplate Blues Machine amp that I have on order. My choices are the Eminence Lil' Texas or Tonkerlite. Any opinions and descriptions appreciated.


I was not blown away by the Tonkerlite in the amp I tried it in, but it might have been the amp. I found the mids to be a bit odd - in a dixie cup sort of way. I have heard good things about both. I would think the Lil' Tex would be a bit more American influenced and the Tonker more British. Maybe that will help...


I had thrown a Tonkerlite in a Blues Junior for a 'carry your own' tour I did in Europe a few years back. I don't particularly like Blues Juniors and it was worse with a Tonkerlite in it. I appreciated the light weight, but the tone wasn't doing it for me. Kinda harsh and cold, but so is that amp. YMMV of course. If it isn't obvious I sold both ages ago, haha.


i would also consider the jensen jet tornado
I have tried both the Tonkerlite and Lil Texas with my RP B-n-B, and didn't like either of them. I settled on a Scumnico in that amp. The only neo speaker I have kept is the Jensen Neo Tornado, excellent speaker, although I use it in another amp.


Gold Supporting Member
I really like Neos in amps that don't rely on the speaker's breakup to define the sound. Forget any Neo in a Tweed. I LOVED the Lil Texas in my Carr Rambler. It's a perfect fit in that amp as the speaker is really just there to deliver what the amp is giving up from the circuit.

I'm not familiar with the Redplate, but I'd absolutely try a Lil Texas in American voiced, blackface inspired amps. :)

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