Which Nobels ODR pedal?


Depends what guitar you're using. My ODR Mini at 18 volts is fine with my Jaguar and Esquire. If I had more bassy guitars I'd probably want a bass cut ODR.


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Nordland ODR-C is considered the top option
Full Sized Nobels ODR-1 has the bass cut switch which it handy, but some don't like the bypass
Min Nobels ODR-1 if you want true bypass

If you are willing to look outside of those options:
Wampler Belle is a good option if you want mini and bass knob
Aionfx Andromeda is a good option if you are cool with a kit

I am likely going with either the Wampler or Aionfx. The bypass on the Full sized Nobels ODR-1 concerns has moved that one off my list and the Nordland looks killer, but is out of my price range, well at least what I am willing to spend considering I have tons of dirt pedals already :)

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