Which OD to suit these needs?


I'm using a Trace Elliot Velocette amp, which is a nice, simple amp. It runs on two ECC83's & two EL84's, has a 'bright' switch and a tone control. Problem is the tone control isn't all that great. Not very 'musical', and gets either too harsh or too muddy and I never really move it past noon, which is really limiting when I want to tame my bridge pickup's treble or thicken the neck tone out.

So what I'm after is a transparent boost or ideally, dirt pedal with independent bass and treble controls which offer a really nice sweep. It doesn't need to offer high gain drive either. Also, ideally... a buffer.

I'm using a Hotcake, which is great. Perfect build quality, literally 100% transparent at the right setting, and I like how dynamic it can be with just a touch of grit. However, it lacks a bass control.

So the two pedals that have my attention at the moment are the Tech 21 Blonde and the Tim (Timmy? the small one). FWIW I'm using a tele.

Any thoughts, or other suggestions?


I am currently trying to decide between the VL Giggity and TC's Spark Booster. I don't think you would call Giggity transparent by any means, but the Spark might be something to look into because of its versatility. I haven't played it yet, but there are bass and treble knobs and a lot of options for tone shaping and dialing in some grit or just clean boost. Again, haven't played it, so can't speak to how transparent it is, but it might help with your situation, and won't break the bank.


Where's moderator Big Mike, to weigh in on a Velocette question? If I remember right, he knows alot about Velocettes; try to email or PM him if he doesn't jump in here.


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I've posted several times that the Blonde is a real sleeper boost/EQ pedal. It's buffered, has a massive EQ potential and can save your tail if your amp goes down. For me, it's like adding a second clean channel to my amp.


I'd say the Spark Booster will suit you well, I got it about a month ago and it's my only Boost pedal on board after trying many others. I also have the Black Arts Toneworks - Black Forest on my board and it can do a clean boost to a fuzzy overdrive. It has a huge range on every knob and if size is a problem then check out the Basic Audio Futureman. Both are based/inspired by the Colorsound Overdriver circuit.

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