Which P90 is better for a Tele Neck: Fralin or Lollar


Hey, folks:

Looking for a clear, chimey p90 for the neck of my tele, and it seems like Fralin or Lollar are the two most popular choices (though Wolfetones seem to get some love). I have a GFS mean90 in there now, and it's pretty good, but I want to see what a real p90 sounds like. I'm less interested in growl and bark than clarity, less AC/DC, more rockabilly. What do you think? Lollar or Fralin?


I have experience with: gibson, lollar, fralin, jon moore (tonefordays.com), wolfetones

based on your wants: I would recommend a 50's wind un-potted from lollar, they are awesome for what you seek.

also, I love Jon Moore's pup's, he can wind anything, I have a pair of his that are amazing....but more in the boombastic/raucous raw/bitey p90. A great winder.

wolfetone's are great too: but imo, more in the gibson rock camp and less in the rockabilly camp. (others might/will have diff. experiences to share).

so much to choose from,we are in a gear renaissance for sure, so much choice...those are mine !

my advice is: either try something from the emporium or call up a builder and see what they say, these people are extremely knowledgeable and sometimes know what you need better than we do ! :)


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I love wolfetones, and vintage vibe p90s a lot. But reading what you want I agree that lollar 50's winds unpotted is a perfect fit.

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