Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?


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I wish there was a carbon copy in a standard size that had 2 settings (or a favorite button) so you could switch between 2 delays easily.


I don't know by who, and I've thought about just making one myself, but I always thought it would be really cool to have an overdrive (like a tubescreamer type) where you had a switch to swap between a standard tone circuit and a cry baby. The cry baby wouldn't have a treadle like normal but would just be a knob so as to be able to get a cocked Wah type sound. I don't actually know if it would work or sound good but in my head it's quite a cool pedal I'd like to have


I would like a new Octaver/Fuzz/Od with parallel options and choice of stacking all 3 fxs with presets.

A cool concept could be derived from all the downloading and programable open menus that some companies offer.
MY DREAM PEDAL I can only imagine the freedom of having moveable foot switches, digital images that function as 3 or more position tiny switches. All mentioned switches on a box that could be manipulated into being enlarged horizontally or vertically.
I imagine a DREAM PEDAL that is easy to use with presets and capable of downloading sounds from DIFERRENT PEDAL BUILDERS.
I WOULD LOVE TO USE IN PARALLEL THE BEST FUZZ SOUNDS, OVERDRIVES, FILTERS ETC.. and make my own CUSTOM PEDAL with as many Switches to manipulate sound as I can think of. A PROGRAMERS MENU AND A PHYSICAL BOX WITH DIGITAL CONNECTIONS ( Touching parts that you could decide where to place Switches Images to customize)
A new era of pedals. With better headroom, free of hiss noises, with growing possibilities to add menu screens, expression pedals etc.


I thought the new and a tad smaller Tim was supposed to be out by now. I have an MXR Timmy holding me over in the meantime. I’ve been kicking myself for selling my Tim pedal for too long.....
Same here... I still have my v2 Timmy, but I sold my Tim in 2016 when I heard Paul was working on a new version. :(

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BuffaloFX flanger (too soon?)
FoxRox tremolo
Suhr delay
Diamond Memory Lane Jr Dlx

Also, whomever said an MXR flanger, preset to Unchained.. +1


Programmable overdrive / distortion pedal where you can program different gain / distorted levels for various different frequency ranges / intervals / stages, so that you can control overdrive / distortion levels behaviour in many segments across the full frequency spectre.

Even cooler if combined with eq and compression, also programmable with different settings in different frequency ranges.

In this way you would be able to make more unique and sophisticated overdrive / distorted sounds, and it should be possible to manipulate the settings live with expression pedals and midi signals.

Chase Bliss is heading in this direction with the Automatone Preamp MKII, but here I'm thinking as further development of this, with emphasis on tailoring the distortion behaviour at and for various frequency ranges, as well as corresponding eq and compression levels...

Chase Bliss would of course be ideal for making this.

It's probably something that would be easier with digital devices, but would be awesome if analog.
I want an octave fuzz/ring-mod with both sides independently footswitchable and a three band eq. I don't know if someone actually makes this--can anyone tell me?


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  • Strymon Iridium big box with FX loop.
  • EHX Synth9 Deluxe. I have a Mel9 that I like and want some of the sounds of the Bass9 and Synth9, but it feels kind of wasteful when the only difference is some lines of code.
  • Boss reissue of the Roland GR-300 (analog).
  • More good guitar synth stuff in general that has a sensor on each string. I can deal with special cables if it means better sound.
  • Boss or other analog tape delay/echo. Produced at scale, reasonably priced, no worries about parts or service.
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A simplified Alexander Quadrant. One footswitch, just two presets, and no modulation. Hit the switch for on/off. Hold the switch for A/B.

I suspect that in a digital pedal like this that taking features away probably doesn’t change much inside, or reduce the cost of an already very fairly-priced pedal. Also, a pedal for my specific needs would probably sell just one unit. :)
Catalinbread puts two Belle Epochs in a box. Dual stereo 800-1600ms Brian May delay. “Brighton Epoch” please and thank you. :D


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A "Dumble" Overdrive Special pedal by...Alexander Dumble. It would keep cash flowing for him, and everyone could enjoy the tone of his $100,000 amp. And...it would bring the price of his amps down to reality. Bummer getting old and having seen prices escalate. A few short years ago, you could get a Dumble ODS for $30,000 - still a crazy number, but now? Untouchable. In 1971 I walked in a small guitar shop. They mostly made money by doing music lessons, but they did sell a little gear. Sitting on the counter behind the front counter was a "brown case with purple/lavender velvet lining" and a beautiful sunburst Les Paul for the outrageous sum ("then") of $325.00. You can add three zeroes to that now: $325,000.00. I don't know if it was a '58, '59, or '60. I was a drummer in a band at the time - but always played guitar for fun - but I called our guitar player and told him to get down to the store right away - and to bring his money. He only had a little over $200 - no deal. A little regret and heartache then - major regret and heartache now.

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