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Which pedal for cranked amp sound through clean amp?


This sounds newbish, but I have run cranked amps for overdrive forever. Marshall and Tophat.

I have a sweet '66 Pro Reverb that I'd like to use. I do not have a pedal that will give me a realistic cranked amp tone that I can actually play rhythm with. Right now I have a Barber LTD, which I use for boosts with my Tophat. I also have a Keeley Rat and a Keeley SD-1.

The LTD would be fine as a lead boost I would think with the Fender. But I need a pedal that will be a dirty rhythm tone and still sound good boosted by the LTD. The SD-1 and Rat are great for metal. I'm looking for a blues/classic rock tone. Shutting off all pedals I would keep the great Fender clean.

Would a Timmy somehow fit into this equation? I have never bought/traded many pedals.


Z Vex Box of Rock would give you a cranked Marshall tone (in particular the JTM-45). I'm not too sure how it will sound through the Pro Reverb (i hear the BOR is a little picky with amps), but i think it sounds great with my Bassman. Plus it has a great boost section (its a modified Super Hard On if i remember correctly).

Phil M

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I like the Eternity, especially with bf amps.

It seems there are about a million choices for your app. The Carb is nice too, though lower gain.


Check out menatone.com

Brian Mena's pedals are designed to work well with BF style amplifiers

Some other choices would be Xotic pedals(AC Booster, BB Preamp), Lovepedal Eternity, Fulltone OCD etc.

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