which pedal is so crappy that not even Mike Hermans could make a go of it?


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I think Mike Hermans is a tasty player who has a terrific knack of bringing out the best in gear.

That said, what gear have you tried that is so ****ty that not even Mike Hermans could make it sound good? Should we buy it for him and challenge him to make an appealing demo of it? ;)

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I once had a Ross Comp Clone that - when engaged - picked up a russian radio station. It was not a little noise in the background, it was very clear and came out of the speaker as loud as my guitar. I'd love to see this in a MHermans review.
I don't like envelope filters. Can't stand em. I don't see why people buy them. The "auto wah" part is understandable. But I feel like anything else theh do is worthless and always sounds bad.

If you like them, God bless you. That's why there's so many choices in pedals out there. I love fuzz, other people hate it and I'm cool with that. But I just don't get the love for envelope filters.

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