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Which pedal puts you in your happy place?


Gold Supporting Member
Fulltone TTE puts a smile on my face
BJFe Candy Blue Fuzz makes me laugh every time

Jim Miller

Platinum Supporting Member
I have transitioned from my RC booster that was always on to the KTR that took its place. However, 2 weeks ago I picked up a Fulltone OCD GE and I think that it will be moving the KTR off of my board. It just works for me, I know that some of the other reviews here have not been as positive, but I like an amp that is just starting to break up and the OCD GE is getting me there with my '68 custom deluxe reverb, Victoria 45410 Bassman clone, and my most recent acquisition a Mesa California tweed, better than any other pedal that I have used.


Silver Supporting Member
I have four low-gain gain pedals and I like all of them. I'd like to prefer the Les Lius as I like the tweed vibe and I really like the built in boost, but the Sweet Honey is just too good!

My ideal single pedal - assuming I'm using an amp with reverb - would be a Sweet Honey with a second switch with a built in ~10dB boost.
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Usually it's my Kingsley harlot, mainly because when that pedal comes on it's all heavy riffing and that puts a smile on my face.


There are a few that make me happy, and they tend to be a little chaotic. I suppose that means I'm happier when discovering new things and being creative, but there you go.

The Catalinbread Antichthon is one. Great fun with oscillating fuzz and tone generation on tap.

I have an envelope filter and sample/hold pedal made by a small UK pedal builder which is just great fun. Also, the Sonuus Wahoo can do similar things, possibly more once I get my head round it.
Guitar --- a nice envelope filter always makes me smile. Current faves Emma DiscumBOBulator & Line 6 Otto Filter (yeah, the Otto is great!!!!)

Bass -- MXR EVH Phase 90. Never gets old & can go from super smooth to super warbly!
The Emma Reezafratzitz is the one pedal I need on my board because of this. I don't recall too many times that I turned it on and didn't like what I heard. It seems to work with pretty much every amp I've used it with, too. It never leaves my pedalboard.


Silver Supporting Member
Happiness pedals...
Topanga - just hits the spot for me in terms of Reverb.
True Spring - surfs up b*tches!
Sovereign - rich, chewy distortion served up right.
Belle Epoch - if this one doesn't put you in a happy place, you have no soul.

David Garner

Platinum Supporting Member
DLS MkIII lately. Sunface CV7005 and Fulldrive 2 for a while now. All 3 are spectacular at what they do. Sort of one trick ponies, but they’re 3 great tricks.

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