which pedal would you reccommend me??


Hi everybody of the gear page, this is my first post.
I need a new fat and powerful overdrive pedal, so I am thinking in some options: Zvex Box Of Rock, Fulltone Plimsoul or The Luther Drive (the pedal is made by gearmanndude, check it out in youtube).

Which one do you think is better??

Psd: I use a strat and I like to play from a purist Blues to a Hard Rock.

Thank you! :)


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If the Box of Rock is something that interests you, then I would get a 7 knob Menatone King of the Britains and call it a day. Full tone stack, presence adjustment, independent boost, voicing switch. This will give you MANY different Marshall-style sounds and a lot of adjustability. I have been through a lot of dirt pedals over the years. The Menatone has always stuck around. I owned a Box of Rock and did a lot of comparison testing.

If you are looking for a more compressed and chimey AC30 sound, the Top Boost In a Can is another great option. I prefer the older version with full tone stack.

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