Which Power Supply for this Board ?!?

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  1. yellowbaloon

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Needing some advice here please!

    I am putting together a new Board and am hoping that a single power supply can power this whole thing.

    I have a PP2+ and use a One Spot for TheGigRig G2 and Whammy 5's own PSU but am out of outlets since i have just purchased a TheGigRig G2 which means the Voodoo Lab Splitter cables (one outlet in 2 pedals) cannot be used since the pedals are now not patched together and are now in bypass loops.

    The G2 came with their 'Generator' but it seems very messy (and expensive) to add all the extra 'distributors', 'isolators' etc etc! Not sure about investing into it or not...

    Here's what i want to power;

    Turbo Tuner - 9v - 43ma
    CmatMods Butah - 9v - very low ma
    Skreddy Zero - 9v - very low ma
    Black Cat D&S - 9v - very low ma
    Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine - 9v - very low ma
    Whammy 5 - 9v - 265ma
    EH 18v Mistress - low ma
    Empress VMSD - 9-12v 300ma
    Diamond MLJR - 9v - 75ma
    Neunaber Wet - 9v - 100ma
    The Gig Rig G2 - 9v - have read 500ma or 1 amp!?

    I was thinking of just adding a VL 4x4 and using a current doubler to handle the G2, and the other outlets will cover the VMSD, Whammy etc etc.

    Even the Cioks Ciokalate looks like it won't do it.

    Do the fuzzes and overdrives really need isolating?

    Too many options!
    I am open to and thankful for any suggestions!
  2. nateco

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    Dec 20, 2002
    North X North East.

    I've never had problems with dirt boxes not being isolated and they usually draw next to nothing for power.

    I really like the DB11 power supplies.

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