Which single 12" speaker for a Fender Showman

Kenny Blue

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I am considering buying a Drip Edge Fender Showman head.

I have a 1 x 12 Mesa Boogie wide body open back cab that I would use with the Showman. I am considering which 12" speaker to get for this cab. I am not necessarily attached to the speaker being an "american" fender type sound. I already have a Weber Legacy in another Fender type amp and like the sound a lot.

I will be using this amp at home and not turned up that high. In the future I will probably get a 2x12 cab for it... but for now I will just use the cab I have with the one 12 .

I am not really that thrilled with the JBL or the EVM sound... so I am looking for something else. And Altec 417s seem very pricey when I see them for sale.

My main focus is full clean tones... I use pedals for OD but I want something that will let the cleans and articulation shine through ( and also sound good with OD pedals engaged ).

Speakers I am considering (realizing of course that the one speaker has to be able to handle the 85 watts that the Showman is rated at )....

~ Weber Legacy H 100 watts
~ Weber Chicago 80 watts
~ WGS ET90 100 watts

Anyone else have ( or had ) a Showman through a 1 x 12 cab here ... What speaker did you use / like / or suggest for that ?

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