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Which tube amp combo can replace my Fender Performer1000?



I would like to buy a new tube amp that can replace my Fender performer 100 combo.
I really really like to clean channel of the performer 1000, but not the od channel.
I tried several deluxe reverbs and twins, but the cleans are just not the same.
I do remember however playing a Fender Vibro king that had a great clean channel, very chimey and lots of bell ringing tones.
Problem is I have no Vibroking money so I have to find something cheaper.
Anyone of you have an idea what tube amp combo may get me the chimey sounds ala Performer and Vibroking?
Thanks a lot in advance.



My budget is about 1000 euros, that's around 1400 dollar.
However please keep in mind that amps here in Europe are usually more expensive than in the USA.
I prefer a 1x12 or 2x12 combo.
For those who played the Fender performer amp you'll probably agree that the Performer sounds very 3D on the clean channel, which why I love it so much, but I would like to step up to a tube amp with similar 3D sounds.
( I use od pedals for my gain sounds so an od channel is not really an issue )
I hope that I express myself in the right way about the 3D thing, but you''l probably know what I mean, right?


John Phillips

Try a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

The Performer has very 'ringing', 'hard' cleans, very tight with a lot of midrange detail. The Deluxe and even Twin are softer and with less mids, but the Hotrods have more of the mid character.

The Hotrod's speaker is also more similar to the Performer's than the Deluxe and Twin, which will help.

If you want better quality than that, the older Fender Concert (Rivera series) from the early 80s is a good amp, if you can find one. It's still harder-sounding than the Deluxe and maybe so than the Twin.

I'm not saying 'hard' as an insult BTW, I like the Performer, and I know exactly what you mean about its clean tone. I even like the dirty sound, if it's set right - it can get quite close to Mesa tones.



Thanks for your reply.
Do you feel some vox ac30 like amps have the same qualities on the clean ch as the performer?
I remember playing a '67 ac30 once that had a similar sound, but a little warmer and really dynamic.
It amazes me how well the Performer takes pedals, I've used the amps od channels exclusively for years , I still like it, but the last few years I prefer od pedals just to have some different flavours.
I'm trying to check out the Concert and the Hot Rod Deluxe.

If you would like to know what my perception of a great clean sound is, ala performer, he's a link to a demo of Michael Thompson playing a Jackson ampworks britain head.
From like 2:45 minutes into the demo it shows the sound I like so much.
I know there's compression and mod delay used, but hopefully you'll get my drift.
Anyways, thanks a lot.


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