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Which tuners for a Strat?


I'm working on fixing up a Squier strat that I got at a pawn shop, and it needs new tuners BADLY. Any suggestions on what tuners I should get? I'd like ones that stay in tune really well, but they don't have to be locking or anything too expensive.


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I have a Jimmy Vaughn Strat that has the sloted shaft Vintage type tuners, and that guitar is very stable and easy to retune.

I also have a tele type guitar that has identicle looking tuners that are Gotoh, and it is also very stable as well.

Both are easier to manage from a tuning and tuning stability standoint than the one guitar that I have with locking tuners.


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Do your Squier tuners have the pins on the backs? To use Kluson style tuners you might need to plug them AND you will need a set of conversion bushings. For your guitar I'd recommend the Wilkinson EZ-LOK tuners. They work well, stay in tune and are a great value being < $25 in most cases.
Ive got a set of locking Gotoh tuners on one, and a few sets of sperzells and Grovers. They all work well. I some how always end up buying more Sperzels.

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