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White Denim


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Anyone familiar with this band? I caught them last night at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, and they were GOOD. Very tight and their material was refreshingly original sounding. The two guitar players had tons of pedals - the singer had two packed good size Pedaltrain boards plus a wah plus a Boomerang plus some other pedals not on the boards. He did quite a tap dance. Heck, the bass player had pedals!

These guys put on a good show. Here is a clip:



Love these guys. Corsicana Lemonade was in my top 5 albums last year. I still think "D" is their best. The bassist is a monster.


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Saw White Denim @ The Horseshoe Tavern on Monday and was blown away. They were melting faces for sure and the crowd was incredibly energetic for a frigid, Monday night. I got pics of both of the guitar players boards. They seem to have their priorities straight! In the spirit of this webpage...

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They are great, they've been in rotation on KCRW for a while. Great guitar based driving music!


Way into these guys, I'm surprised they're not on more TGP'ers radar.. Im partial to this one, great stuff!


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