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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by neils, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. neils

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    May 1, 2011
    A shout out to Mike Whitney. He sorted a problem with my Emery Superbaby and it's back to life.

    I first heard of "Whit" here on TGP in another thread. His store is in CT so YEA for me. It is a 160 mike round trip but hell, a new-ish store to me. I contacted him by email and I went up there on a snowy saturday to New London CT.

    He checked out the amp, read some voltages, spewed a few WTF's and said "uh this is too high, I don't like this, why did he do this?" etc etc. To be fair the Emery circuit is Kurt Emerys' own little device. Google Emery Amps for more. To a repair guy you can't look this stuff up and find a schematic. There isn't one. You need to know your sh&t and dig in.

    After a little research here I found out Kurt Emery has some health problems and he wouldn't be repairing the amp.

    I've had the amp for 6 years. It's been neglected since I am having an affair with 5E3's right now. Over the summer a friend came over and played the Emery LOUD. The OT failed. I was able to reach Kurt and he did a repair. The amp came back, I verified it worked and went back to the 5E3.

    Months pass and I find the Emery sounds "wrong". Dull or duller than I remembered. The magic shimmer was gone, it was harsh and hard. It used to bloom and sing. Not now. If you didn't know the amp you'd say nothing was wrong. But I could tell. Others told me I was hearing things. I was, bad things.

    So what Whit did was to replace the already replaced OT with something stouter, proper air gap, 5k and 7k taps and added a 3 way speaker out ohm selector on back. The new OT is mounted on top instead of inside as it is too large to be inside. Fine by me. It just clears the KT66 tube I sent along for that very reason. I love that tube and is as big as I use.

    He did some other minor fiddling inside. I just knotted as he described it. We agreed the tone control was lame. I never use it. I play tone stack bypassed.

    In the end the magic is back and maybe better than before as I use the 5k OT tap that is best suited for the tubes I like. There was a hum that is gone and the whole thing runs happier than it did with the other OT.

    So hats off to Whit for digging into a little oddball amp. The WTF's were worth it.

    I'll do more business with him.

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    Feb 22, 2007
    New London CT
    Ever hear the term "curse like a sailor"...well I am a Submarine Sailor more WTF/min than average Sailor. But the amp works! Glad to be of service!

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