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Who are the up and coming pedal builders?

Whiskey N Beans

Senior Member
Fo rizzle. I get this. But it's the the "established" builders (by TGP standards which, by definition, would be up and comIng) that seem to matter most when the I am shopping. You don't have to be Boss or TCE. Strymon, Skreddy Analogman, Skreddy, catalinbread, Death by Audio, Basic Audio, and Bearfoot FX, and perhaps with less regularity, Barber, Spaceman. Throbak, Lumpy's, Fox, Greer, etc. These outfits always.seem to keep it real with some fresh jive and new options and on a regular basis. I know I left some wonderful folks but I,. You get the point. That said, if you're Paul C. or Blackstone Appliances and you make the Timmy or Mosfet OD, who needs up and coming. It seems some times like Chinese made pedals are up and coming. This worries me.


Spend some time on the DIY forums if you want to discover up and coming builders.

In Defiance Audio being one. It's Rej of Grind Customs baby, which has a lot of collaborators involved. I've built a couple of their prototypes that are awesome. The Bass Driver being the stand out to me, as it's just about the best bass OD/distortion I've ever come across.

Then there's the unholy trinity of Forrest, Brian & Dave (CultureJam, Madbean and Pickdropper respectively) that is function(fx). What their collective imaginations and frankly bonkers skills could come up with is a very juicy proposition.

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