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Who can copy a neck?


Silver Supporting Member
Anybody know who can make an exact copy of a Strat neck I own? every time I get a new guitar, I find myself missing my Strat neck. I have tried a few replacement necks on some partscasters, but none get close to what I want.


Jon Silberman

10Q Jerry & Dickey
Silver Supporting Member
Any luthier with a duplicarver should be capable of making you a close to exact copy.


Chupacabra Psychiatrist and Meme Thief
Silver Supporting Member
Jon Silberman wrote:
Any luthier with a duplicarver should be capable of making you a close to exact copy.
What in the heck is THAT? Is it something that a lot of luthiers are likely to have? Tell me where to find someone that will do this for a reasonable price and I'm in; I have the 'perfect neck' for me and I too am tired of selling off guitars and trying to mimic that neck so time to just send the axes out and have them 'cut' to match!



Either U Know Or U Don't
Silver Supporting Member
I would call Warmoth.

Actually I just did.

2) Totally Custom Neck; That’s right, we can make just about anything but must have a sample or very complete drawings to work from. Generally speaking, such a neck is going to cost in the $600 range. The work required for these custom necks is quite extensive, so we can only take on these projects during our slower parts of the year. If you have interests in this direction, please give us a call and we can discuss it further 253-845-0403.


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