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Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?


Butthole surfers circa Psychic Powerless - it was like being in a waking dream for an hour and a half (or forever).

Big Black several times - a tireless onslaught of pummeling rock power.

Husker Du on the Metal Circus tour in a strip club that had daytime punk shows - I didn’t think I liked them until I saw that show.

Ramones on the Pleasant Dreams tour - so so record, stellar show.

Eurhythmics with Clemmy Ramone on the drums - I did not expect it, but that Sweet Dreams album effing rocked live.

JB Hutto And The New Hawks in 1980 - I walked out afterward and said to my friend “maybe I should listen to more blues.” I was wrong about that, but the show was great.

The Cramps more times than I can count - consistently one of the greatest live bands in the world.


Silver Supporting Member
Rick Derringer in Missoula Montana summer 1978.

We opened for him the day before at MSU in their theater, pretty bad idea booking college towns in the summer but hey. The club gig at The Trading Post Saloon was probably the loudest show I have ever experienced, three 4x12 Marshall cabs across the front of the drum riser and a rack full of heads side stage, so in that regard I was blown away, they totally overpowered the room, I had to leave.

Had a nice chat with Kenny Aaronson though before the set.

Mickey Shane

Gold Supporting Member
Charlie Sexton at the Fast and Cool club in Dallas mid '80s. and Sheila E. at a bar in Nashville around the same time. Both shows were really loud. Harvey Mandel at Farquar's in Omaha's Old Market in the '70s. Much more pleasant volume wise.

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