who else *really* sounds like GNR and Aerosmith, that *greasy/sleazy* blues rock vibe?


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My "sightedness," as I said, was after about 5 seconds of consideration.
The Stones song is from 1968. Steven Tyler is a year old than me (72). You should ask him or Joe Perry whether the Stones had any influence on their band.
Well I meant about the original poster being short-sided. Not you. You just provided an example. That said, both Tyler and Perry were annoyed about the Stones comparison. They both felt it was more about looks than the actual sound.


From https://www.ilikeyouroldstuff.com/news/guns-n-roses-the-bastard-sons-of-aussie-pub-rock:

“One of the main reasons this band got together was a song called Take A Long Line,” Rose admitted on stage during the band’s first Australian tour in 1988. As a sign of the Los Angeles quintet’s deference, The Angels were included on the bill for GN’R’s Sydney Entertainment Centre show. Guns N’ Roses performed The Angels’ 1978 single Marseilles in their fledgling years, with Axl also singing the track in 2014 after learning of frontman Bernard ‘Doc’ Neeson’s death. “This one’s for Doc,” Rose told the Las Vegas crowd gathered at The Joint. “From The Angels to the angels.”

Is that guy on the left auditioning for Devo?


I don't understand why anyone ever listened to Aerosmith when there was already a Rolling Stones.

I can only speak for myself, but as a 70's kid, I wanted my own bands. Not the stuff my older brothers listened to.

I always thought the Stones/Aerosmith comparison was more of a visual thing. Onstage, Tyler and Perry had a Jagger/Richards vibe. Whitford was the "Bill Wyman" guy. Musically, I think Aerosmith wanted to be the American Yardbirds.


For me, G&Rs AFD was all about the guitar and amp tone. Slash rented a very specific Marshall for that record, ultimately attempting to keep it. The Marshall/Gibson formula has been behind many epic tonal milestones. Alice Coopers “Love It To Death”, Judas Priests “Sin After Sin”, any AC/DC record, even The Donnas “Fall Behind Me” (guilty pleasure). And Aerosmiths “Get Your Wings” is the one that really stands out. Spooky vibe and really stellar guitar work, mostly due to Bob Ezrin’s involvement bringing in hired guns Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter to play the leads Perry couldn’t.

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ehh, it's even harder to describe what i'm not looking for. like, i can't even take Steven Tyler or Axl Rose seriously most of the time. most Aerosmith is just "ok", and with GN'R i can't even listen to UYI I&II or anything after that. most blues rock doesn't really do it for me. i am certainly *not* looking for anything like Gary Moore, etc for example. almost like a "punk blues rock" sound i guess, but more rock than punk or blues? i'm quite picky about bands/artists in those genres too.

There are plenty of bands who range around The Rolling Stones and GnR - but you are just talking about specific eras of the music -like for me Aerosmith is two albums - Toys In The Attic and Rocks - after that they are just variations on a theme - GnR is just really one album Appetite for Destruction - and then occasional hits like November Rain - but they weren't really great hits - just songs that appealed to people - and given your 'pickiness' about the music you like - I'd say you are only going to find bands that meet your requirements for 1/2 a album or so.

I wouldn't know what to recommend - there just doesn't seem to be a band that delivers - all the bands mentioned are just imitations or run outs.


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Some of this might appeal...

Charm City Devils
Bullet Boys
Big Cock
Juliette and the Licks - some of the stuff has a real classic rock vibe
Rhino Bucket - gritty blues rock, great guitar tone
Airbourne - maybe...
The Dead Dasies - maybe...
Cheeseburger - more power punk, but nasty and kind of funny
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