who else *really* sounds like GNR and Aerosmith, that *greasy/sleazy* blues rock vibe?

I'll try to throw out a few names that I don't think were mentioned yet.

Lazy Cowgirls for sure, right up that alley.
Sonic's Rendezvous Band, top notch.
MC5 High Time album.
A lot of Stooges songs that they played after the Raw Power record are in that vein. Unfortunately they were never actually recorded properly but there's plenty of boots out there.
First two Fastway records kinda fit the bill.
The Waldos released two official albums, both good but the first, Rent Party, is better.
The Toll were a bit different but had some 'smith style material.
UFO had some songs in the vein.
Hollywood Brats were OK.
I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting.

A lot of the bands previously mentioned fit the bill but I feel they mostly fell far short of the mark. Personally I'd recommend D*Generation (1st 2 albums), Dead Boys, Heartbreakers, early AC/DC, first Faster Pussycat album, Black Crowes Southern Harmony album, Flamin Groovies, early Motorhead... sure there are others.


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Agree that Black Crowes are probably the “other mainstream” band that fits this criteria

There was a whole little scene of smaller bands playing in approximately this style, in the late 90s / early 2000s

Backyard Babies
Orange Goblin (to an extent, at least the early stuff)
D-generation / Jesse Malin

There were many of these bands, if you start following the trail, you’ll find em all (like pokemons)
Yeah, some of the Backyard Babies stuff really hits the mark. Like this one:



Along with the backyard babies, you can listen to Gluecifer, they are punk and rock and many other things, but very raw rock. But to me, it's a different vein of rock.

I was thinking to shotgun messiah too.

And the 2 slash's snakepit albums are great, pure gnr early sleasy style.

Gilby Clarke alors made solo albums that are fine.

In a more bluesy way, but with a kind of punk attitude, a raw approach and kind of a early hard rock tone, I think to Rory Gallagher. The sound on the studio albums is sometimes strange, but live, he had killer tone and tunes.

But not that much bande cover the poi.ts originally mentionned in the first post...



Not sure i saw anyone else mention D.A.D. - No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims - great album.

I might be in the minority one this one, but I thought Faster Pussycat’s second album, Wake Me When it’s Over to be their best. The songwriting is much more focused and mature (if that’s possible).

Also, shout outs to those who mentioned:

Sea Hags
Mother Love Bone
Dogs D’Amor



The one and only time I saw GNR live was opening for Maiden on the 7th Son Tour in Northern Cal. They dedicated a song to one of our up & coming local bands Sea Hags. I was already a fan of the Hags at that point, and it was great to see them get some decent exposure in the year or two after. Unfortunately the Hags were way more debauched than even GNR, after a fatal overdose and inner band turmoil they split up before more ppl took notice. You can still get the album tho, I just updated my copy that includes their Kirk Hammet produced 87 demo as a bonus. Amazing album front to back.



From https://www.ilikeyouroldstuff.com/news/guns-n-roses-the-bastard-sons-of-aussie-pub-rock:

“One of the main reasons this band got together was a song called Take A Long Line,” Rose admitted on stage during the band’s first Australian tour in 1988. As a sign of the Los Angeles quintet’s deference, The Angels were included on the bill for GN’R’s Sydney Entertainment Centre show. Guns N’ Roses performed The Angels’ 1978 single Marseilles in their fledgling years, with Axl also singing the track in 2014 after learning of frontman Bernard ‘Doc’ Neeson’s death. “This one’s for Doc,” Rose told the Las Vegas crowd gathered at The Joint. “From The Angels to the angels.”

That jam is freaking awesome!


So many comments - great topic!

1. Rolling Stones vs Aerosmith: I agree that Aerosmith is a groovier, more attitude infused version of the Stones. Stones took us into the 70's, and the Aerosmith have a lot of the Stones in them, but they went up a level.

2. I had a friend who was unimpressed with GnR when they came out. He said "Aerosmith - been there done that." And from the drug addled sleaze factor (later) to a top hat wearing BC rich playing Perry...yep. But, GnR definitely took it up another level yet again. To a level that was unsustainable, but burned oh so bright!

3. Regarding Izzy Stradlin: Best comment I ever heard on him & Juju Hounds: The BEST Rolling Stones album ever not made by the Stones - but at that Aerosmith level+ or less than GnR place.

4. There are band that were lumped in "Hair" right, wrong, or were sometimes, that definitely should be considered. A lot have been mentioned: Buck Cherry, Dangerous Toys, Tora Tora, Junkyard, Early Faster Pussycat, certain LA Guns, Hollywood Rose.

5. I'll add:
* The first Motley Crue Album; Too Fast for love. Its a Glam, Garage, Punk, Sleeze, Metal masterpiece. Nothing they did since was like it.
* Hanoi Rocks - anyone???
* Quireboys
* Sleeze Beez
* Smashed Gladys
* Dogs D'Amour
* Dirty Looks

Quireboys always struck me as a continuation/progression of The Faces and early Rod Stewart solo material.

At times, the Black Crowes did as well but not to the same extent as the Quireboys.


Haven't read the entire thread so am not sure if this has been mentioned, but the OP should look into old AC/DC because a lot of it was sleazy as hell with a great groove.


If you want to know where a lot of the sound came from as much as The Stones and Yardbirds can be referenced in Aerosmith's DNA don't overlook early Fleetwood Mac and the MC5

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