Who has an unchanged pedalboard for over 5 years?


Hmmm. I tend to change my "pedalboard" with different bands.

Right now, I have a FD2 and an OCD clone and that's it. I'm at my one year anniversary with that band.

I'm getting ready to add an FD3 which just came today, but that's going to replace the OCD clone which all I'm using for is boost - so I get my boost with another FD2 style drive.

Before that, I used a Line 6 M13 with an M5 and two expression pedals. I used that for 2 years with a band, and then the M5 died and I just used the M13. I started with one Expression pedal, then added another, so I guess that was a change during that time.

I used that same rig for the next 2 years in 2 other bands, though I started bringing the OCD for solo boost so I could get more effects up on the M13 at once.

I guess though, I should say, that the M13 changed from band to band though - the layout and order of the pedals I used - I mostly used the same ones though, but a few got added and taken away.

Long before that I used the FD2, the OCD, a Wah, and the M5 in another band.

Before that I used a Pod XT Live. Man that one sucked.


I'm right at 5 years! My board sounds good and I know there's stuff that probably sounds better out there, but how far down a rabbit hole am I gonna go? How much am I gonna spend? That said, I'm thinking about doing a 2nd board, a looper board w/ some weird stuff for doing weird sounds at my solo gigs!
I'm pretty selective about actually buying pedals. I research carefully, research a ton, and agonize over them. I buy on need, not whims. If I get a pedal, it's for multiple logical reasons, not because I think it's cool or awesome. I was not brought up with any kind of consumerism. My dad never bought anything for himself that wasn't practical and needed. So there is no material item I have ever collected, or bought a lot of, just out of liking to. I used to buy the same beer over and over again, though, and would waste money on food.

But I cannot meet the standards of this thread. I built a new board over the past five years. It's pretty stable now, for now.

The biggest challenges for most are dirt pedals. I'm good with not buying ODs, or distortion pedals. I use two ODs and am not tempted to get others. Not really into ODs. Have my obligatory Klon, and that's enough. I have a few good boosts and/or EQs. So far not tempted to replace those. My amp is good enough to not need ODs much.

But fuzzes? That is the fly in the proverbial ointment! I've been getting a fuzz once every several months recently. It is just really challenging and difficult to select a small number of fuzzes that will have you set for life. I'm trying. I only have four fuzzes, five if a treble booster counts as a fuzz. My plans are to add one more, possibly. I just wanted to cover my bases, but the more you learn, the harder it is to do that. I have yet to meet a real fuzz fan who can tell me how to cover my bases. I don't think it's possible, lol. But that remains the goal.

Johnny Fuzz

To not change your pedalboard for five years is like not changing your clothes for five years. It makes you dirty and leaves you stinking.


My board went unchanged from approximately 1979 to 1987, so about 8 years. After that it's been a revolving door, way before I discovered TGP. I was so involved with a day job and playing almost every night that I didn't have time to seek out new gear. I knew my board was very stale so when I got the chance I made a wholesale change. The cool thing is that I still have the pedals from the old board.


Mine has been the same for about 5 years now I think.
King of Tone
Rat 2
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EB Volume
Carbon Copy
El Capistan

The only change I've made in the last 8 years or so was selling my silver Klon and replacing it with a King of Tone. The only thing I'm not completely happy with is the reverb pedal. I want to swap it out for a more modern reverb pedal at some point. I just don't have much disposable income with 3 kids these days.


Effects loop side of my board has not changed: EXH Holy Grail Nano Reverb and MXR Carbon Copy. The rest...well....yeah, not so much....


5 years????? Ugh, that is sad... Im not a flipper (i buy 1 or 2 pedals a year), but 5 years sounds like going to the boring side of things... Just saying


I'm 3 years in on my stereo board, but I've been really tempted to upgrade one of my dirt pedals for a while now.


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I had about 90% of the same board for about an 8 year period (the band I was in lasted 8 years or so). When it ended I changed everything lol


Every time I change something on my board I'm convinced that's the last thing and I'll have it that way for 5 years at least. And then I come on this forum and you guys ruin that. Thanks a lot! :D

Next up? Probably a Turbo Tuner ST-300.


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Mine changes weekly upon need. Usually after I get back from a jam I clean everything up (lately I've been rehearsing at a florist shop after hours. Cables get really dirty). And everything gets taken off my board almost. Kind of just sits in a big long chain in front of my board as I experiment and start to think about what might work for my next jam. Much easier to work with pedal order and placement with the pedals of the board than on.


I'm around 3-4 years with my main board. The first slot is usually the Hermida Dover Drive but, occasionally, I'll swap it out for a more straight up fuzz. The rest are constant, though.

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