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Who is the Most Tasteful Guitarist?


Good one, forgot about him.

Was just thinking the Edge is pretty good too.
The Edge is probably the most overrated guitarist in history. Did you see "It Might Get Loud"? He couldn't even figure out how to play "The Weight," which is a very simple song. The Edge lives on his ability to use effects, but as a player he's very, very marginal.


Can't disagree with anyone's take. ALL great choices and examples of tasteful playing but
could shred when they needed too! For my money though, I'd have to go with either
Don Felder or Richie Blackmore!

Barnaby G

I think I'm going to go with Brian May and Neil Schon. Both play and fit well with the rest of the band and given song.
How about Dan Huff, Steve Lukather and Gary Moore. For more recent check out Chris Green’s solos on an album called Ice Age by a band called Burn :)


My favorites change, but I like Gilmour for popular music and John Campilongo for instrumental guitar.

I got a big history book on Fender and tucked way in the back was a page or two on John, and that resulted in checking out his YouTubes. Wow.

Noel Holden

I haven't gone through all the 16+ (!) pages of responses. Because the question is NOT answerable. This is because:

• All guitarists, including you and me, have a style.
• Guitarists are human, and performance on record or live isn't static. We ourselves are a 'variables'.
• There are general categories within which some guitarists excel, and others don't.

Wes Montgomery was tasteful. Hendrix was tasteful. Eddie was. Robben Ford is tasteful. Kossoff, Schon, Gilmore, ad infinitum. I was attracted to the guitar by the work of Michael Allsup on Three Dog Night, whose parts always sounded appropriate. I LOVED Andy Powell in Wishbone Ash.
There was a local guy down in the Bay Area (I'm now in Renton, WA), Terry Hiatt, who I NEVER heard play a bad note. He boggled my mind.
I once watched Robben Ford play for 2 hours from 4 feet away, after Keith Reinneger (Amp Lab) changed the bridge pickup in his Fender signature model. I was a total rockhead, but I was stunned!
So I'll be no help here. I've seen/heard too many guitarist to meaningfully answer.


Silver Supporting Member
I guess this is just a fun post filled with personal opinions. It's like saying what is the best food. It's all personal opinion and taste. Too many testeful guitarists. I couldn't even begin to name one.

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