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Who is using a switcher ( GCX or similar)?


I bought a GCX and ground control used. Im starting to set it up but am starting to wonder why Im bothering. Who is using this kind of setup and is it really worth it? All of my pedals are true bypass and I dont really need to switch 3 pedals off while turning three different ones on or anything. Im I wasting my time? My initial thought was to clean up the stage a little but that may be the only benefit. Can anybody talk me into keeping the GCX?


I'm in a similar boat. However, I defenately want/need it for what it does. I am just too lazy to program it. I got it to compliment my M13 with analog drives.


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I've been wanting something mainly for setting up patches. I think I'm gonna go with the Carl Martin Octaswitch. It's conveniently in one box and you can just put it at the bottom of your pedalboard. I wish it wasn't so big and only had four patches, but I'm sure I'll be able to use all 8.


I'm making a rack that's got 2 gcx switchers and a ground control pro out front to control it, but I want seperate effects paths for my two different amps, midi control of my mod and delay pedal, and the flexibilty to control 12 effects pedals with the push of one button.

It sounds like you don't need or want something that does that... but you've got it now anyway, might as well give it a shot! I guess it gives you that option to get more involved with your effects control in the future.



I got both - a 16U rack with a Sound Sculpture Switchblade and a Rocktron All Access to step on - but also a Pedalboard. I like the rack for short signal cables on big stages. I got a 10m MIDI cable to the switcher - I wouldn't like to have a 10m signal cable to a pedal board and back. The pedalboard is the "small cuttlery" that I use for small stages where a big rack setup would be disproportionate.

So, if you're playing big stages and have a long way from your switching position to your amp, a rack/switcher setup is definitley the way to go. Otherwise a pedalboard is a fine thing :)

All the best,



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I had one years ago to control a rackmount Dynacord leslie sim and an MXR eq along with some pedals I put in a rack - it was all waaayyy too much for me - I have since been using only pedalboards. I would eventually like to go back to one for some stuff but for loading in and out in cars in the city or van whilst touring, pedalboards are where it's at.


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I use the GCX and ground control. I like that it is very quick to set up. A lot of times we only have 10 minutes to set up or tear down at gigs and because of the pre-wired amp/rack, I only have 3 cables to worry about: GCX to Ground Control, Amp to cab, guitar to GCX.

Additionally, in my case the GCX switches my T-Verb channels. The amp isn't midi so I have no other option save a dedicated channel switch pedal. Unlike you, I do require patch changes as well as channel changes instantaneously. So I can have one piece of hardware out front and take care of everything. I feel it it built very well.

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