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Who makes a double cutaway solid body that looks like this:


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I'm looking for current builders, American or foreign, who are making double cutaway solid body guitars shaped like Les Pauls. Gibson isn't doing this.

Back in the 70s, Ace Frehley had his damaged Tobacco Sunburst repaired and it came out like the shape I'm looking for:

In the late 1970s, Ed Seelig built a handful of "Worthington" guitars also utilizing this same shape:

Here is a video. Forward to the 36 minute mark to learn more about this rare guitar that found its way to players such as Gary Richrath, Howard Leese, and Joe Walsh.

More recently, Heritage was doing something similar with their now discontinued H-170.

I know Hamer and Gibson made double cutaway carved-top guitars but these tended to utilize the Les Paul Junior shape and not a Standard Les Paul shape. Picky, I know. I just love the way these guitars look, particularly the Worthington (as seen in the live "Riding the Storm Out" we all watched on MTV ages ago).

Anyone know of anything out there that looks like these?
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You can't go wrong with an Ibanez Artist, a Hamer or a Yamaha SG in my opinion. As long as the look is close enough for you they're worth a look. Older Ibanez guitars, Hamers and Yamahas have been going up in price over the years but they still turn up at reasonable prices on my local (Vancouver) CL fairly regularly.

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