Who makes good replacment bridge and electronics for Les Pauls? (Orville rebuild)

kelly dell


I picked up a `94 Orville LP Custom Black Beauty a while back.
For those of you who are not familiar with these here is some quick background.

Orville Gibson is the founder of Gibson guitars. For a few years in Japan in the late 80`s and early 90`s Gibson licensed this line of "Orville" guitars to be a Superior quality instrument over the Epiphone and Aria and all the other copies being made, yet still more affordable than the "Gibson" brand.

Some people say the quality of the woods and craftsmanship rival and are even SUPERIOR to the Gibson Custom shop guitars of today. I personally agree with this frame of mind after owning this guitar. The neck is wicked on this not too thick, not to thin. The binding and pearl work are amazing. It is non chambered Mahogany super thick, heaviest LP I`ve ever felt.

The only thing that is inferior is the electronics the pups are not waxed the feedback horrible and sound thin for such a heavy Mahogany guitar. I dont care for the pots either. Also the bridge is more like an SG bridge very small, thin and light weight.

I am going to put Lollar Imperials in it so I dont need pup suggestions.

I need input on wiring, pots, switch and bridges.

I know theres a lot of guys out there doing LP electronics and was hoping that some of you who have tried different ones could cut out the guess work for me.
I dont want this thread to be about arguing over the quality of Gibson guitars. Just need bridge and electronics input.
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electronics - RS Guitarworks. their store sells tonepro bridges too, which are nice.


Lots of folks like them for their Historic LPs, so I'm guessing It'll do just fine in an Orville as well. Have a kit being put into my R8 as we speak, come to think of it. Had one in my old LP Jr. and it improved the volume taper, nice and clear all the way through.

kelly dell

I guess tonepro looks like it might be my only option for gold on the bridge and tailpiece.
Hear great things about Callahans but they dont make them in gold.

the RS vintage pots and wiring kit looks like it might be a good option.
I know I`ve seen others out there besides the RS tho.


Go to the Les Paul Forum and search around. You'll find enough info on bridges, bridge studs, tail pieces & tail piece studs to keep you reading for a day. Great stuff, really.

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