Who wears the trousers in your relationship with pedals - you or your power supply?


I prefer a small simple single row flat lightweight pedalboard made up of the classic brands; Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, & Ibanez (I have a Cry Baby Wah too but it stays off board) neatly wired & properly oriented. No loop switchers, no junction boxes, no ISO power bricks. Just my 5x "bare essentials;" Overdrive, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, & Delay. Connected thru a 5x daisy chain and powered with a Livewire brand 9V 1700mA wall adapter ($20 at GC). The pedals I picked for both my similarly laid out boards work without any unwanted noises.

I guess its the power that pivots my choices of FX pedals and the classic brands I chose works out perfectly.

Blanket Jackson

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Power supply is little more than the kid with the headset that hands me my Whopper & fries through the window as I drive through. And like that kid, it goes under the board and out of site when it has done what it needs to do.

Jess 1971

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I recently upgraded my power supply to a Cioks DC-10 Link because I needed a 24-volt outlet for my DMM XO. I have a couple of other higher-power digital pedals on my board as well, but the Cioks handles everything like a champ.

I have a Cioks Adam on my mini pedalboard, as well as a DC-5 for my recording board, and they're all terrific. Cioks makes great stuff. In addition, they're incredibly responsive and helpful if you ever need support.

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