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Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?


eh, ill watch. i like seeing the guys behind the companies. i think it might open the curtain a little too much for reverb when we all realize that these are just dudes with soldering irons mistaking their way into businesses. as opposed to well trained professionals that have a secret stash of mojo dust, magic oscilliscopes, illuminati diodes and a lifetime of training that led them to create the ultimate stompbox everyone else missed we want to pretend them to be.


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This first I heard of it was finding out that the collabs that are giving everyone fits right now are kinda promo releases for this movie. Hate to say it, but the very fact that we reverted to type and mobbed those limited edition pedals like the bliss factory point out the very thing that the movie probably speaks to. In other words, sign me up for the drama baby, I’m all in!

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