Who's using modelers this New Year's Eve?


Been messing with my Bean for the last hr through headphones. A bit different then the XTLive, but pretty cool.


Yep! I used my Axe Fx II through a Fryette Power Station into a 2x12 cab. Killer!!


Kinda old tech, I realize, but I ran my RP1000 to a QSC K10, the thru went to FOH. I have used a Tech21 PE60 for a long time, but this was my first gig with this rig. I wanted a setup that could work for some songs where I play amplified acoustic. I still have some tweaking to do, but it went pretty well. Hopefully there is a fractal or helix in my future. One thing I noticed, although this may be just my imagination, is that playing a fairly resonant semi-hollow does "warm" up the tone, even through an admittedly old and not super dynamic modeler. Anyway, probably more info than anyone wanted, but there you go.


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Not a modeler but used my tech 21 RK5 , more tone compliments from another sound man , love this thing..........


I used my AxeFX II. Other guitarist used his Kemper. Monitored with IEM. Same as almost every other gig. Works great!!


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caught my buddy Mark's band last night and he was Helix 100% FOH and it sounded stellar.


How did it go Brad?
It's always fun playing New Year's Eve. People are ready to have a good time, especially since we were in a ticket-sale VIP room situation. The room sold out, so the owner and staff were already happy, since last year's DJ only brought in 1/3 of the capacity. I guess live music still counts for something, eh? :)

Everyone had a great time, the room was packed, and we got tons of compliments from friends as well as lots of new folks that had never seen us before. The staff said the band was great, too.

On the modeler side, it went pretty well. The thing I like the most is that my guitar sound is consistent. No need to worry about different micing by different sound guys, etc. I had a slight hiccup in that I created a boost as a last minute addition to my two main patches. It was a bit high, so I corrected that after the first set. I'm getting to know the interface on the AX8 better in the past couple of weeks.

I need to add a few more patches for specific songs, but want to keep it fairly simple. I also need to learn how to use X/Y and/or Scenes to make my patches more flexible.

So, I think I'll stick with the AX8 for the next few shows and get my patches dialed in. Now, I need to spend some of that Christmas cash to assemble a basic pedalboard for the AX8. :)


Used the Spider V 240. Worked like a champ. Nice stage mon rig and XLR stereo outs to boot.

I did have to tweak the same bank of presets (3 banks of 4 sounds) to accommodate my different guitars. Some are little more beefy so I had to cut the low end in the post EQ.

G10T Wireless worked well out to about 100' before break up. FBV3 pedal was great and nice to have the colored led reference when stage was blacked out in spots. Exp pedal did get squeaky, so it'll get some lube.

Synth stuff on the amp was cool. Used it for "Push It" (high harmony), Pony, Good Vibrations, and a couple others. Still a work in progress on a few songs.


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I used my Helix through a pair of Yamaha DX10s at my gig last night. This has been my setup for about 6 months and it sounds great.
Recently got a pair of Yamaha DXR10s to use with the Helix. A fantastic sounding rig. Can move plenty of air and gives a full wide stereo sound field.


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I played a Heritage 535 with DiMarzio 36th Anniversary pups into an AX8 into a QSC K10 last night. I usually play a Tele, but brought out the 535 as well. Played the 535 through the Tele patches and they sounded just fine.

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