Why can't I decide on what amp to get?!?!?!


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For 8 weeks now I've been amp-less. I have saved up $925 total for the "new" amp.

I've been leaning towards a 5E3 Clone (Little Dawg, SDG or Clark Ebay Special Beaufort) with either a 12" or 15" speaker

But...I also do like Tube Reverb for when I feel like getting surfy.

I've also been reading up on:
Victoria 5112
SF Princeton Reverb
Zinky Blue Velvet 25 Watter
Zinky's Supro Models
I was hoping to win an Ebay Auction for a Gomez G Reverb but I was outbid.

I play mostly a lame attempt at traditional country/Alt country with some rockabilly slapback noodling and the occasional jazz tune. If I could manage, I'd sound like Chet Atkins, but that's not happening anytime soon.

High Gain is not for me. I like clean to clean with a bit of hair on the edges. Wattage realistically shouldn't be more that 20 or so (this is for home playing mostly, not gigging).

What should I do?


The Zinky Blue Velvet is not what you want. (great high gain) The Supro Sahara might be JUST what you want, however. I'd head in that direction if you're thinking Bruce Zinky amps. A new Sahara would come in under budget and meet your style head on from the sounds of things.

I own a 50 watt BV, BTW.

Enjoy your search,



For Home, the Gries 5 or the Gries 20
A used Allen Sweet Spot-V18 would be another great choice.

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