Why can't I find an amp that does it all?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Demioblue, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. jb's 52

    jb's 52 Member

    Dec 17, 2009
    I'd the say the Mesa Mark V comes pretty close:

    1. Yes, 10,45,90W (a lot more than you want but I'm trying)
    2. Yes
    3. No Vibrato
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. Just a "Mids" but there's an EQ
    7. Yes
    8. Yes, in 10 and 45W
    9. 6L6 to EL34 switchable
    10. There's a 1x12 combo or you could go with the head.
    11. Yes
    12. Yes
    13. Yes, for channels and reverb no vibrato but you can kick the FX loop on/off plus mute from fs as well.
  2. nickthenail

    nickthenail Member

    Apr 24, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    I played through a Mesa Lone Star Special today. I think you'd like its versatility. (Does not do metal though.)
  3. fromdecay

    fromdecay Member

    Jun 16, 2008
    Sounds like the princeton+a good overdrive+an eq would be perfect
  4. TubeStack

    TubeStack Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2009
    Down At The Balinese
    Yep, excellent point.
  5. Nolatone Ampworks

    Nolatone Ampworks Member

    Jun 4, 2006
    Flowery Branch, GA
    Reading the responses here, are we talking "does it all", or "does all of it exceptionally well"? The former is much easier to find than the latter, but the vibrato part will be tough, but the loop should take care of that. Lot's of great trem pedals out there these days.
  6. Demioblue

    Demioblue Member

    Aug 23, 2007
    I accept this explanation. Thanks! On with the hunt for more amps, I guess, and the extra space needed...:p
  7. zachman

    zachman Senior Member

    Dec 18, 2006
    THIS is the Correct answer
  8. suparsonic

    suparsonic Member

    Nov 21, 2008
    Melbourne, Australia
    There is no do it all amp. What may work for me probably doesn't work for you. You need to find "Your" tone. It's likely to take more tha 3 amps to get there.
  9. dazco

    dazco Member

    Jul 25, 2003
    I found that amps that do it all generally don't do it all near as good as a simple amp with one killer tone thats variable via basic tone knobs. When an amp is right you don't need all that cr@p. I spent the last 3 years building then tweaking a few amps in the quest for perfect tone. For the first couple years i found a ton of things where you could get differwent tones with a switch. but in the long run i came to see all those were only necassary because the amp wasn't truly killer in the fiorst place. When i finally found the perfect circuit that gave me better tone than any marshall i ever owned by a mile, at that point i didn't need any switchable features because the one tone of the amp and it's variations via the basic tone knobs was so versitile and killer that no changes made it sound better or even different in a way that was near as good as it was as is.

    The point? Find an amp with one god sent tone and you won't need all that garbage.
  10. diagrammatiks

    diagrammatiks Member

    Jan 6, 2010
    soldano plus dumble = soldumble.
    dreams are wistful.
  11. SteveO

    SteveO Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    Unless you play in a cover band, then you WILL need more than one good tone. ;)
  12. CapCoconut

    CapCoconut Member

    Jan 8, 2010
    No disrespect to all the working musicians playing in cover bands, or for worhship services...but I think I'd rather get a REAL job!
    If you are playing in a cover or worship band, then you can probably do just fine with a digital modelling amp (ducking for cover from the looks of scorn and derision). Not exatcly audiences obessessed with guitar tone.

    I always love the Boogie Mark IVs and am eager to get my hands on a Mark V. Those are some serioulsy versatile amps.

    In fairness, I have no interest in heavy, crunch or that thick saturated distortion tone. The Boogies give me all the versatility I will ever want, even if they dont exactly nail a tweed or brown face.
  13. SteveO

    SteveO Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    I did all of my cover band gigging back in the 90s, before there was any modelling gear available. Now I have a real job, AND a Mark V. :)
  14. C-4

    C-4 Member

    Mar 23, 2009
    I love Red Bank, NJ! Florida now Europe later
    No one has mentioned the Diezel Schmidt. I have one and it is a 3 channel amp with terrific cleans that can do Fender cleans to more smokey jazz cleans. Turned up it gets power tube saturation that allows the cleans to work with just enough hair to make it sustain and feel terrific. It has an extremely musical reverb that sounds almost as a plate reverb at higher settings.

    Channel 2 is extremely versatile and can do mild crunch up through more AC/DC type crunch and has a very flexible EQ section.

    Channel 3 can do modded Marshall tones up through heavier, more saturated shred tones but remains musical, has a tight bass and the treble is musical, not ear-piercing.

    These amps also have an extensive section on the back for cabs, series/parallel loop, a loop for just individual channels and a compensated out that is as good as micing with an expensive mic. We compared the comp out in a studio session to a Neumann U-87. The engineer set up the mic placement as he wanted and then we A/B'd it against the comp out. He could not tell which was which in a blind test.

    The footswitch is a 5 button type using a standard guitar cable for it's connection to the amp. All loops are tube driven and buffered.

    No one amp can do every single thing one wants perfectly, as mentioned earlier in this thread, but there are amps that can do more then one thing well, get tones to compliment lots of musical styles, be flexible enough to allow you to feel comfortable and not just settle for an amp. The Diezel Schmidt does this for me easily.

    I played Mesa amps for 18 years and found the later models way to hard to get great tones immediately. I'm not about spending hours dialing in tone from an amp. The Diezel amps can be dialed in to get great tones just setting the controls to noon.

    They ain't cheap, but anything worth it's salt in tone, flexibility, and build quality isn't going to be costing what a basic Fender amp does.

    This amp also takes any power tubes without biasing at 30 watts, Class A using 6L6's, EL-34's, 6550's, KT-88s, KT66's, KT-77's et. al.
    However to get 15 watts from it, just drop in a set of 6V6's and there ya' go. I use mine with a 2x12 Diezel cab loaded with Tone Tubby ceramic hemps and the sound is all there in spades.

    I do not know of an inexpensive or mid-priced amp to compete with this amp for what it offers, so plan to be spending money to get everything you want.
  15. Unabender

    Unabender Member

    Jan 20, 2007
    Finland, Kuopio
    dumdano sounds better :)
  16. Waxhead

    Waxhead Member

    Sep 9, 2007
    Surfin at Merewether Point, NSW Australia
    You're not looking very hard is why you can't find one.
    Why you were looking at Fenders & Laney for your list ?
    As for your list forget Vibrato - very few amps have got that.
    Forget Tube Rectifier too - very rare once again.
    3 Channels - rare but possible.
    Tube Type switching is very rare also & 6V6 is extremely rare

    THe closest to your list is the Mesa Mark V but has 6L6 tubes
    Then the following amps have most of what you want to varying degrees.
    Mesa Lonestar Classic
    Mesa Express 5:50
    Egnater Rebel 30 -
    Egnater Renegade
    Egnater Mod50
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2010
  17. jrjones

    jrjones Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    You might give a Mesa F30 a try...it does alot...although you might need 2 cabs and a radial cabbone to switch cabs when you go from clean to dirty...
  18. pgissi

    pgissi Member

    Nov 23, 2006
    Outta Here
    I expect to be scorned for this and you know who you are, so I am posting this from a protected haven...:hide

    But here goes, it does not do it all but it gets closer than many with some minor differences...Bogner Alchemist 1x12 and they now go for half of what they were priced at. Its not an expensive amp but yet feature packed and versatile and you can sit your beer on top and not f'ing care

    1. 5w-15w or 20w power scaling it is a 40/20 watt amp and bogner calls this feature "variac mode", lowers tube volts to accomplish reduced output instead of pentode/triode or other power scaling methods and it works real nice, I pretty much use it at 20watts and it exceeded expectations in volume restricted situations, had good clean and dirty tones at volumes most amps would sound anemic at
    2. Accutronics spring reverb (as in what's found in the PRRI) digital reverb and delay that sounds fine and is configured in a footsw'ed internal parallel loop to where your core dry tone stays within the amp as to leave it unmolested and is then summed with the rev/delay, critical feature imo with digital fx. The Rev/Delay also has switches to choose, hall, spring, plate - ducking, analog, tape
    3. Vibrato effect no vibrato but there are a slew of pedals for this
    4. Efx Loop in addition to internal parallel, there is the ext parallel loop with mix control
    5. Standby Switch yes
    6. Low Mids + High Mids control no, but how many amps have this
    7. Great bottom end depends on the speaker and closed back ext cab will deliver here or speaker with junk in da trunk
    8. Tube Rectifier no, would be cool but no
    9. 6v6 to el84 switchable no 6L6 or 5881, close enough
    10. Larger cab (10" baffle with room for a 12"). oversized cab that is fitted for a 12" speaker stock which is the V30 which IMO should be yanked but you may like. I like the oversized box for big tone from a 1x12 because I hate combos, it makes a diff
    11. Front mounted controls. yes yes yes with chicken foot knobs, easy to make on the fly changes with your index finger in between pick attack
    12. 3 Channels: Clean, Overdrive, High Gain (or even 2 channels, with 1 clean, and one drive channel that's really sweet and with a very wide range of gain control) 2 chans with gain switches for each to be able to setup and dial in these flavors, on the Gold side its more of vintage bf fender of say deluxe heritage with clean/crunch and seperate deep switch, really lovely cleans no ********. On the OD channel, a Punch switch to scale up the amount of pre gain or switch it back to a lesser amount of drive, coupled with a footswitchable boost function and a master volume with a nice taper, it can do a wide range of gain style
    13. Footswitchable for channels, reverb & vibrato footswitch goes- channel sw, boost for OD chan, rev, delay on/off and it uses a std xlr cable for easy replacement of if you need a longer fs cable
    Bottom line, configurable, feature laden, toneful = versatility

    I tend to think of it as a deluxe and (choose your weapon) fender supersonic or mesa variant style od channel in one box and not for a lot of money.

    Big Box = Big Tone and

    Scorn factor comes from those who think because it has built in digital fx, or its MIC, or its not a Shiva or its not an expensive booteek like a dumbel, two cork, fuch you fuch me (please this is all in humor) its unworthy

    dont be fooled and if you audition it with a v30, remember, that was a mistake, wrong spkr for any open back combo, wrong wrong wrong

    good luck
  19. freaksho

    freaksho Member

    May 4, 2007
    The Capital
    if that were the concern we might as well just stop all of this because no audience cares about this stuff enough to notice a modeller (outside of other guitar players, and maybe not even them in a live setting). most people would probably be hard pressed to specifically say whether you changed from clean to dirty - they'd likely just say that you got louder or softer. to most it's just a guitar period. they care more about the singer's voice, frankly.

    so this is not about the audience's perception of your tone. changing from 6L6 to EL34 or swapping out the chip in your TS-9 . . . that's only about you.
  20. Waxhead

    Waxhead Member

    Sep 9, 2007
    Surfin at Merewether Point, NSW Australia

    Like I said - these are the amps that get closest to your list of criteria.
    But then I saw you're from Singapore and none of these are probalby even available in stores there.
    I've travelled a lot around Asia and have never seen a tube amp other than a Fender in any store there :D

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