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Why do you own a signature model guitar?

Why do you tend to own signature model or artist replica guitars?

  • Just a fan of the artist

    Votes: 33 8.2%
  • Play a lot of that artist's music or play in a cover band

    Votes: 14 3.5%
  • Don't care, own them based on the guitars' merits, signature status is not a factor

    Votes: 291 72.4%
  • Own them despite the artist association, but would prefer if it wasn't somebody's signature model

    Votes: 33 8.2%
  • I have no interest in signature guitars, even if the specs appeal to me

    Votes: 31 7.7%

  • Total voters


Let me start by saying that, for the purposes of this discussion, a Les Paul does not count - far too ubiquitous.

So, we're talking about signature guitars and replicas of famous artists' guitars. What do you have, and why did you buy or build yours? Do you like the artist or perhaps play in a cover band? Maybe you dislike or are unfamiliar with the artist and bought the guitar despite or regardless of that? Pics are, as always, appreciated (I'm away from my computer and can't post any right now).

I've only owned two signature guitars, and both were Mustangs - a BECK CIJ Mustang and a Cobain.

The BECK was a Japan-exclusive model that was intended to be a signature guitar for a character for the anime/manga BECK, which I actually still to this day have not seen and have no familiarity with. I bought the guitar because it's the most accurate repro of a Competition Mustang that Fender has made.

The Cobain was kinda both. I bought it because it played and sounded really nice, and the Nirvana association was cool - I'm not a huge fan, but I dig grunge in general so I enjoyed that aspect of it. Plus, it was tastefully done - Cobain's name or signature was actually not on the guitar at all, iirc.


First one is a Martin Mark Knopfler acoustic. After years of casually shopping acoustic guitars, this was the one that stopped me in my tracks. Wonderful big and glassy tone up and down and a pleasure to play.
Second one is my Derek Trucks Gibson SG. It's not really a sig model though. I've always been a fan of the Standard with its heftier neck, but every damn one I tried, new, used, or belonging to friends, had a dead spot somewhere between the 10-13th fret. I know. It must be me. Anyway, this was the first one I tried that didn't have the "problem", so I bought it. Not a huge fan of the neck profile, but screw it. I rock it best I can.


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I have an ESP LTD Alex Skolnick and a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster. Both are incredible guitars for the money. One was $500 and the other was $400. Both sound and play great. I bought them because I like LPs and Jazzmasters and sometimes an artists' sig is more playable to me. I just so happen to like both players.


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I have a PRS SE Mark Tremonti, the older version with the wrap tail. I bought it because the body was thin and contoured, it was very light and still balanced well (unlike my old SG), and could be altered into a very classy-looking guitar. I would have preferred something tighter than the 10" radius (I was looking at 7.25" Fenders for a while) but the quality of construction was too good to pass up.


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I honestly don't care too much. If I like the guitar I like the guitar, visa verse. Unless it's someone who I can't stand, then I probably wouldn't buy it, new anyway.


I actually own quite a few signatures to the point where it is the theme of my collection. For the most part, I get them because I am a fan of the artist and like the changes to the model, in one case I got a PRS "Alex Lifeson" acoustic but I didn't even realize it was a sig until after I got it, I just loved the guitar that much.

My love of signatures came when I was in High School and I fell in love with the Tom Delonge Fender Strat, obviously showing how young I am here, but whatever, I loved Blink, and his single HB strat with cool colors was my dream guitar. It wasn't until a couple of years ago I finally got one, I found it on the used rack at GC and after a grueling 30 day police hold I got to take it home.

Over the past year I have accumulated 4 other sigs. One was a fluke that I found in a pawn shop for a steal from an artist that I enjoy, one was from a band my Wife loves, so I basically got a free pass to get his guitar, one was the previously mentioned PRS, and then the other Tom Delonge sig the Epiphone es-333 in satin brown with a single Dirty Fingers. I have another sig on the way, this time a bass.

A lot of people dog on signature guitars sighting reasons like you are imitating someone and should do your own thing (coming from people that have regular production guitars that literally MILLIONS of other people have) They say you pay a premium for the sig name, but that is not always true, and in some cases, the guitar will increase in value faster due to its rarity after they are discontinued.

I enjoy getting guitars that have unique appointments, colors and getting pickup options that are not normally available.


You need to add one choice to the poll ..........

" I own a signature guitar just for the investment dollar value " ....... or something along those lines.

A lot of people just buy them for that reason and reason only. That is a fact.

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