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Why does my rackmount power amp have line out(s)


Silver Supporting Member
I bought a Mosvalve MV-962 stereo power amp which sounds pretty good and I noticed it has line outs. I'm not really sure I understand why you would have line outs FROM a power amp?
Would that be an out to a mixing board or something?
If so, anyone know if I could go line out into an audio interface for direct recording?
And if so, would I still need to have signal go to the speakers/regular outputs as well?


My guess is so that you could daisy chain your signal to other amps in case you are running an 8-4x12 wall of terror! Actually, I have this amp but I've not seen it in years!

I'd think you could take the line out to any input of the proper level and since the amp is SS you should be able to run it without the speakers attatched, but why would you? Just run from your preamp or whatever is feeding your Mosvalve.


may have some use if you're running a big w/d/w rig i suppose and want to run it through the FX after the power stage, although tbh it seems simpler to just split the signal after the preamp.


I mix audio for television, When a bass player comes in with a rackmount head for the morning show the first question I ask is if he has a direct out on the amp. Unless it hums or it's noisy, that's how I'll get the bass into the mixer. Works great!


Silver Supporting Member
Slave out, (post speaker) are quite common, parallel line out for adding power amps, to mixer, effects etc.......lots of possibilities.

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