Why folks are so silencious about the '08 Kar Krash ?


Almost no info, no clips + it looks like we're gonna wait ages to hear about the new Dirty Blonde too...

I've spend the whole afternoon playing my Workingman's Blue, man, those Menatone are definitely fu:AOK:AOKing good !

JCM 800

I think only a few have actually been released through just one dealer at this point, so that's why no one is really talking about them. I've heard another run is coming sometime in March.


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I just picked up #013 of the new KK run here in the emporium. I used to have the PTP version, and while I loved it, I eventually sold it. The thing that made me give it another try was hearing so many accounts of it being an improvement over the previous version. It really does sound better to my ears, and to have the fast/grad on a stomp is really nice. I actually used to try to sweep the other one's side-mounted toggle with my foot! The new box is really sweet as well. The dynamics are so nice I can't believe the range I have at the gtr volume. I feel like I just bought a new amp. It's really an incredible pedal that I doubt I'll ever part with.

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