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Why is Fender so committed to the Jim Adkins Tele?


I was always intrigued by the idea of a thinline Tele with P-90s. After playing one through a Blues Jr. at GC, my impression was that this was an idea that sounded better on paper than it did in real life.

That's what the consensus seems to be on this one.

Fender is committed to making Les Paul-ish teles but making sure they're not very good, and therefore not popular, as if this is intended so as to not damage the appeal of the flagship product and the whole single coil thing in a general sense.

In a similar vein they like making tons of generally 70s spec'd teles which hardly anybody likes. The big wavy pickguard is hideous unless it's the same black as the body. Seems to be more energy put into reimagining what was the nadir of that company (the 70s) than any other era. This all files under the more general question 'where do all the guitars go?'


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I think we must consider the legal side of things too... Perhaps they'd signed a contract with this dude to keep his guitars in production x number of years, perhaps the upper management likes the guy?

Whatever it is, it's important to remember that Fender isn't a company that solely takes decisions based on 'what the players want and desire.' There's a huge marketing, legal, contractual, and ultimately business side of the business tha dictates a lot of things.

I don't know who this is but I wish him well, as I think should be the norm. Too much negativity all around.



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Fender is committed to making Les Paul-ish teles but making sure they're not very good,...
With all due respect, that's absurd.

My American Deluxe Telecaster HH FMT is one of the best guitars I've ever played and I prefer it to every Les Paul I've ever tried including my own, really nice, Les Paul Classic Plus. I don't know why people say things like that, or even think them.



It's a cool guitar with a pickup swap, if you like small necks. The overwound ceramic magnet Duncans aren't great imo. I had one (with Antiquity P90s), but I just didn't get along with the neck.
Jimmy eat world is one of my favorite bands so I’m very aware of the guitar. Fender has been making the guitar for more than a decade at this point so I’m sure it’s selling fine even if you don’t see them where you’re looking.

Also assuming fender makes some models inferior to bolster others is like assuming Coke made New Coke worse in order to make original seem better. Fenders not that smart. And fenders not that dumb.


They still sell every year.


EDIT: to add, I've played it in the store, it's a nice guitar. Plays good, P90s are fun.

And a potential big business reason, It cross shops directly with this. It even comes in same colors minus black.

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I'm guessing they are still making it because it still sells. It has unique specks, is reasonably priced and is pretty well put together (manufactured in Indonesia). I was looking to try a tele style guitar with a Gibson scale, fender neck shape and radius, and with a set neck. It fit the bill.

I agree with the previous comments about the pickups - I found them to be a bit muddy. Switch those out and get some better tuners on it and its a nice little guitar.


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I had one and it was a great guitar for the money. Used it in a country rock band and everyone loved how it sounded. I moved on to better guitars but I still recommend that guitar for anyone that wants a cheap p90 guitar. For 99% of players not on TGP, it’s a great option.

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