Why is it when I am looking up studio monitor reviews...


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Maybe this is the place to pose this question...

I've been overthinking the purchase of a couple powered speakers to serve as the wet speakers in a W/D/W setup for guitar. It's for acoustic guitar (archtop and flattop) played at reasonable volumes with only a couple other players, mostly making ambient/atmospheric noise...so it doesn't need to be too loud. The dry speaker is 150 watt acoustic amp (SWR Cali Blonde). I want something with a small footprint (so I've ruled out PA speakers and traditional speaker cabs), and I've been thinking about some 8" monitors. Since it's acoustic guitar and reverb/delay effects, I want a wide frequency response...monitors seem like a perfect solution.

For you folks that know a bit about monitors and speakers...any glaring issues with this idea?

The monitors I have in mind are either Kali IN8 or Presonus E66 (not 8", but dual 6" in an MTM layout).


Why? Because we can.



DROOL! Those Pass Aleph monos!


Why is it when I am looking up studio monitor reviews, I keep finding where people are using them for home-audio ( reason for posting this here ;) )

That's like the worst possible scenario all around.

I mean perhaps if one bought the monitors the engineer used, then one could get some mojo points for 'hearing what the engineer was listening for'...anyhow...thought I'd ask!
I actually like and prefer the sound of certain large studio monitors or Pro audio speakers over many other home stereo speakers.

My introduction to them was by accident in a way...I had the good fortune to purchase two pair of Altec duplex drivers and xo's for a very small amount of money. The seller told me they were condition unknown and I could look them over before making a offer. Anyway I took them home after a quick visual inspection.

Turns out they were a pair of 605 Super Duplex and a pair of 604 - 8Gs. I wound up selling the 605s and holding on to the 604s. Months later I was preparing to sell off the 604s and thought I'd better put some sound through them for a quick test.

I wound up keeping them and having custom 10 CU FT cabinets built for them. I built custom time aligned XOs for them from plans that were published on the internet. They have there drawbacks and are not for everyone but I really like them!

This lead me to do some research on other large vintage HQ studio monitors (none of which are near field) and when they came up for the right price I grabbed them.

I now have 2 pairs of UREI monitors and a pair of JBL 4430s. Along with a pair of Altec model 15s...Of the 4 just mentioned I'd give the edge to the 4430s as my favorite.

Anyway you never know what your ears might like till you have a listen.

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The old Altec drivers, they were used in studio monitors, theater speakers, high end home speakers, PA. Maybe JBL, too.

Altec is a good example of being extraordinarily accurate, but not necessarily making flawed recordings sound overtly bad. You simply hear the flaws.

There’s this other school of studio monitors, like ns-10’s, that everything sounds bad through, and you fight the bad sound…if it sounds good on these, it will sound good anywhere. These you don’t want for casual listening.

That school has it’s home audio corollary, like Bose, where everything sounds the same through them, kind of soft and pleasant. I remember trying to mix on a set of large advents…did not work well at all.

Personally, I hate the speakers that make everything sound homogeneous…even if it’s a good, pleasant sound.

I think with the old Altecs, and I’m familiar with the 4425’s not the 4430’s, they’re sort of in the same camp, but not as efficient, you can have your cake and eat it, too, in terms of a very honest, unyielding reproduction, but without it sounding so bad you don’t want to listen…that their studio monitor heritage makes them unsuited to musical enjoyment.


The amp in my stereo set quit working, and I bought a pair of powered monitor speakers so I can listen to MP3s on my desktop computer. Prior to buying the speakers I had the computer hooked up to the stereo set. The speakers aren't as loud, but I don't like to listen to music at loud volumes anyway.

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