Why Play A 335?


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I've tried, many many times to "gel" with a 335. I'm a taller guy, Les Paul's look like ukuleles on me, the 335 size fits me better.

But I can never get used to that boxy feeling, and the bridge pickup position just didn't have the aggressiveness that I'm used to from the Les Pauls I'm used to...


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- super fun, musical feedback at high volumes
- juicy, spongy attack that's great for classic rock/blues
- clearer sounding neck pickup than LP
- can be a bit lighter than LP, weight-wise
- versatile tones for a variety of styles
- can be twangy and bright or warm and round

(That being said, I sold my 335 and am an LP guy.)


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My first guitar was a Korean Rickenbacker copy but I made the switch to 335s when I was about 18 and for me it was initially largely because Bernard Butler and Johnny Marr looked so cool with their red 355s.

I’ve found though they’re really the one guitar that ticks all the boxes for me - they look great, they cover most of the higher gain sounds a Les Paul can do along with having a more dynamic and open clean sound than a Les Paul and I like the ergonomics of them with the much larger lower bout to support my arm.

I have four now, plus a couple of 330s. My original one was the brown 70s 355 which I’ve owned since 1995, then I bought a red 355 for the Bernard/Johnny fanboy thing, a sunburst one which was a lot cleaner and sweet sounding and an early Epiphone Sheraton with the pre-Gibson single coil pickups which is a nice alternative tone to have in the palette.


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Simple. Lookie to right cheer


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My first 335 was around 1990, I was not getting the love, so I kept playing my buddies, and after about 6 mos I started to realize this axe had huge mojo- transparent, clear, beautiful tones, versatile, acoustic tonally and loved the drive, I felt it was an all around guitar.
Purchased my first in 1992, and subsequently added 1 more within a year. Later on added 3 more and sold one ( the Memphis).
It fits any amp in my experience.
That’s why…


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Never bonded with mine, an '99 epiphone dot, although it generally sounds good. I didn't like the upper fret access, cramped with my big hands in the cutaway. Acquired a les paul goldtop classic around the same time it became my #1 for ten years. Only reason i still have the dot is that it was a gift from my wife.

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