Wide Range Filtertron PAF pickup + more Proto Guitars craziness!

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    Ok. So here's one that's never existed before!

    This is a really tricky pickup to make. The shoulders on a Filtertron case are much rounder and deeper than on a standard humbucker cover. This raises a problem when you try to squeeze 2 single bobbins in there.. they wont go all the way to the top and sit flush because they hit the sides much lower down. One solution is to custom make slightly skinnier bobbins (or shave down regular ones), but then you're still left with an ugly seem running down the middle, the gap between the 2 bobbins. So we designed a plexi plate with 12 holes (6 in this case) to act as a sort of... spacer.. so that the guts sit flush in the case. We just needed to extend the poles up ever so slightly to compensate for the thickness. Once that challenge was met, we took it one step further with the 3+3 design seen here.

    So here it is - a Wide Range style pickup with Filtertron magnets in a Filtertron case that will drop right in any standard humbucker route. Boom!


    These, as well as all of our usual/unusual stuff are available NOW! We're also still running our custom pickup deal for a little while longer, where you pick from any of our finished shells and we build whatever you need inside of them for $125. Stupid. Do it. Email, Facebook, PM, Insta.. whatever. Detailed pics of anything you need.

    We have 12 covers currently available as of today.

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