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I measured the width of the fretboard (at the nut) on a couple of my acoustic guitars and found that even though one was wider than the other (by 1/16") the spacing of the strings was exactly the same. I have noticed in reviews that the fretboard (or nut) width is often mentioned. Wouldn't the string spacing be a more significant specification?

I get that the difference between a V-shaped neck and a rounded one could make a noticeable difference in handling. But I would think that 1/16" in the width of the fretboard wouldn't make as much difference as the spacing of the strings.

I have not paid much attention to the neck width measurement in the past, primarily the feel of the guitar in my hands. Again, the fact that the comparison of fretboard widths seems to come up in reviews makes me wonder a little why that specification is important. Help me out here, experts.
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I'm thinking string spacing is too easily changed by altering or replacing the nut, so width is a more "permanent" spec for a guitar.

Strings are usually centered on a nut, so string spacing could be implied by nut width?


Neck width is usually an indicator of string spacing, but not always. As you said, the nut could be cut with any spacing regardless.

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