Wilkinson Tele Compensated Brass Saddle Problem


I've had a Wilkinson chopped off tele bridge with compensated brass saddles on my parts tele for about 6 months now. Recently I've noticed little grooves develop on the saddles where the strings contact them. More recently I broke the high E string during a big bend. It happens, strings break. But I'm concerned that those ridges will only get worse and eventually cut through my strings like a razor.

I'm wondering how your tele bridge/saddles are holding up. Do you develop those grooves after a while? Does string breakage become a problem? Are these cheap wilkinson saddles actually some crappy mystery metal? Should I try sanding out the ridges on my own or do I need to bite the bullet and get a new bridge?

So, did I buy a cheap crappy bridge and I'm simply getting what I paid for?

or is this just something that comes with any traditional telecaster bridge/saddle setup?

Link to my bridge here.


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You could try sand the ridge out with a folded edge of sandpaper, would be proper if you had guaged files.

I have the same bridge saddles on a full size and I filed slots for my strings on initial setup.
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Brass is a pretty soft metal-softer than the steel in your strings-so you can expect some wear; more or less depending on the composition of the alloys within the metal. Individual saddles are cheap enough; I paid UK£7.50 for a set of Wilkinsons for a Baja Tele, so you could just buy a new set.

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