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will the boss line selector do this.. ?


In regards to the LS-2

I have two amps that I wish to run together but like this :

* Amp 1 on AND/OR
*Amp 1 and 2 both on.

Never amp 2 on by itself..

If so, which mode would I have to put the pedal on ? thanks


I believe it will. It has to be set to the "A&B" mode. I'm thinking about getting one of these to be able to mix my Line 6 Echopark into my path, not simply run through it. And the "A&B" mode allows this. This is quite an ingenious pedal... And it's made by those evil Boss people. :p


Cool! Would be great if someone else could confirm before I go and buy one hehe.

The framptone switchers look perfect but are way too expensive, especially to get one out to australia and even more so with the terrible dollar..



I've got an LS-2 and I'm not convinced you can do what you want to do......

In Output mode you can go AMP A, AMP B OR AMP C in sequence but not both amps at the same time.

Any of the other modes is about the loops you can have for your effects.

The only way I could see it happening is if you used A+B MIX BYPASS mode - BYPASS is your AMP A and MIX mode is for both amps blended ...but you'd have to create a loop from AMP B somehow......

it's a very versatile pedal and would work for aarondavis and his Echo Park but I'm scratching my head how it will work for you.

As ever - I hope someone can illustrate to you a way it will work for you.

In the meantime - try these chappies in the UK


they did a custom 4 input / 3 volume option pedal for me 6 months ago and that was around £70 - great service and lots of advice and quick too!

good luck



With an ABY pedal, you could set it to A and then hit "A+B" at anytime and get amp 2 on in addition to amp 1.

This way, amp 2 will never be on by itself.

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